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  1. Pumpkin Pork Risotto

    Pumpkin Pork Risotto

    If you are a fan of Rhone grapes/wines then I have just the one for you. Coming in at AUS $30, $27 if you are smart enough to head to! The Schwarz GSM is UBER drinkable.  2017 wasn't the best vintage in Barossa but what the guys have done at the Schwarz company is a wine that you would think came from one of the better vintages! You get notes of soft red fruit, violet, mulberries, and licorice too alongside juicy tannins, perfectly balanced acidity, and a touch of oak. With ratings of 94 points from both Huon Hooke & Nick Butler, it's defo a great drop. 

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  2. Grilled Lamb, Hummus and Carrots

    Grilled Lamb, Hummus and Carrots

    I'm gonna ruffle a few feathers here with this one and go MERLOT!!! Mer-what? I know, I know, merlot hasn't got the best of reputations these days but honest to god there are some crackers out there! Often massed produced and definitely overdone in California at least it has grown out of popularity somewhat. WELL, prepare to have your mind changed in a matter of mls!! 

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  3. Picardy Wines

    Picardy Wines

    We are absolutely delighted to be offering Picardy wines! Our Buyer & Sales Manager, Matt Wallace was the assistant winemaker there between 2000 and 2004. Picardy first made wine in 1996, becoming a pioneer of exceptional, cool climate Pinot Noir in Western Australia.

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  4. Asian Salmon & Nam Prik Dressing

    Asian Salmon & Nam Prik Dressing

    Riesling would be my first choice for this salmon dish, came through with an absolute CRACKER! Patrick of Coonawarra 2012 aged Riesling, this has to be one of the best rieslings I've tasted in a while.

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  5. Scottish Lamb Stew

    Scottish Lamb Stew

    This stew is packed with earthy flavours filled with mushrooms, turnips and carrots. Tomato paste helps to add more body and those delicious herby dumplings on top make it a complete dish. Hungry yet?

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  6. Classic Pepper Sauce

    Classic Pepper Sauce

    The pairing isn’t necessarily for the sauce but more the sauce and the steak! It’s hard to pair a wine just with a sauce. Probably because it’s been a while I just ate sauce for dinner.

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  7. Satay Chicken Sandwich

    Satay Chicken Sandwich

    If you haven't got a beer in your hand or you're more of a wine fan like myself, then it's gotta be white with this bad boy. A lot going on in the sandwich so let's choose something that doesn't wanna play the staring role but will leave you talking about the role it played for a long time afterward! Today, that comes in the form of the beautiful Riposte 'The Stiletto' Pinot Gris from I love the 'stiletto' term used for this wine because it does EXACTLY what a stiletto does with the chicken satay sandwich, as it does for many a leg!! It's gonna lift it, elevate it and leave you wanting more. 

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  8. Heirloom Vineyards

    Heirloom Vineyards

    Sharing a winemaker with Dandelion Vineyards is Heirloom which began it’s life in the 2000 vintage with the intention of making exceptional wines from primarily old vineyards, planted to the best clones and embracing organic and biodynamic principles. They create wines from the McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra which almost always pick up a bunch of gold medals and often trophies. At time of writing our selection of these fabulous wines shows 32 gold medals and 3 trophies.

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  9. Dandelion Vineyards

    Dandelion Vineyards

    Dandelion Vineyards make wines from the McLaren Vale, the Barossa, Eden Valley, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula.


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  10. Turning WIne Into Vinegar

    Turning WIne Into Vinegar

    We’ve been trying to get better at the sustainability thing here at the wines you are ordering are now quite likely to arrive in a cardboard box that we’ve reused rather than just using recycled cardboard. It’s better for the planet and keeps our costs down which in turn enables us to spend a bit more on the delicious wines you’ve been receiving. If we’ve got sturdy enough cardboard in da house, we are using it to get your precious wines out to you... 

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  11. Grenache


    You might remember the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes - in which a couple of impoverished tailors convince a preening peacock Emperor that they can make him the most fabulous set of threads in the universe. They also tell him that those too stupid or unsuited to their roles within the court won’t be able to see them. They don’t actually make any clothes and the King is too insecure to call them on it, as is his court and the populace who he parades in front of starkers. Nice kit champ! 

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  12. Bleasdale Vineyards

    Bleasdale Vineyards

    We've been lucky enough to stock Bleasdale Vineyards on and off for a few years now and are delighted to have in stock now their first ever Grenache, a Shiraz and a Cabernet. All three got the universal thumbs up from our tasting panel.

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Items 1 to 12 of 372 total

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