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  1. Getting To Know Dan

    Getting To Know Dan

    With over six years’ experience in the wine game selling wines, we asked Dan some of the reasons why he isn’t wine-ing about his job!

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  2. Getting To Know Phil

    Getting To Know Phil

    Phil's career in wine has been a mix of independent retail in the early 90s, to working and studying in the UK knocking over the first two hurdles to the Master of Wine. After returning to to Australia, he worked for Baily and Baily and then began a lengthy stint in wholesale championing a long list of small, independently owned wineries. He has also worked as cellar hand, picker, pruner and a bunch of other inglorious roles, all to keep his feet firmly on the ground and convey a greater appreciation of what happens before wine makes it to your glass.

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  3. Jamie Lloyd Jones

    Jamie Lloyd Jones

    Growing up in a wine-drinking European family, I have worked hard to turn a family hobby into a viable profession. My informal wine education started young, with my first glass of Chablis being poured for me on my 11th birthday.

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  4. Mark Pradun - Managing Director

    Mark Pradun - Managing Director

    My love of a good drop began some 25 years ago whilst working in and subsequently managing retail liquor stores.

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  5. Matt Wallace - Buyer & Sales Manager

    Matt Wallace - Buyer & Sales Manager

    I likes most things wine, from dusting an ancient bottle of Blue Nun with a feather tickler to drinking expensive booze that my mates have bought.

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  6. Mark Bracken - Wine Guru

    Mark Bracken - Wine Guru

    I'm a six foot two ex-Rugby player of Irish extraction with a deep love of northern European aromatic whites. I may look like I should be necking hearty reds from a bladder yet I have a cellar full of Riesling. I stopped playing rugby and swapped probing front rowers bottoms with my proboscis, finding much more pleasurable olfaction by pointing said proboscis at a glass of wine instead.

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  7. Ali Kerr - Wine Lover

    Ali Kerr - Wine Lover

    After years of working in professional services I moved into the wine industry and have been working with Wine Direct ever since. Being able to combine my love of wine and customer service, is a dream role
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  8. Phil Manser - Vigneron and Mad Man

    Phil Manser - Vigneron and Mad Man

    I was always bound for the wine industry. My father had a healthy supply of D'Arenberg reds from the mid-70s to ween me on and I lived a short walk down the road from three wine shops, I had no hope!

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  9. Darryl Pratt - Wine Guru

    Darryl Pratt - Wine Guru

    I’ve always worked in hospitality, my first job was running plates and cleaning out bars at a hotel in the Adelaide foothills. I saw how much fun the bar tenders had and knew that was the job for me. From there, it has developed into a career, if you think you can call drinking wine a career! The interesting thing to me about wine is no two bottles are exactly the same, and there is always something new to experience.
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  10. Alice Mudie - Partner Relations Manager

    Alice Mudie - Partner Relations Manager

    As a young girl I used to sit with my Dad when he opened up a bottle of wine, trying to pick up on the flavours, textures and aromas.

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  11. Dan O'Connell - Sales

    Dan O'Connell - Sales

    My love of food and wine was born out of my experiences running restaurants and bars all across the country. After settling back in Adelaide I have had the opportunity to taste literally thousands of new wines, both on the Tasting Panel to help select the wines we stock and as a wine judge for Wine Showcase Magazine.

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  12. Elspeth Love - Sales Consultant

    Elspeth Love - Sales Consultant

    My first taste of wine seems like yesterday when Dad described to us four kids how the wine smelt like mushrooms, berries and dirt.

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