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  1. Steak Tacos

    Steak Tacos

    When it comes to these tacos that you can eat all day every day, it's best to find a wine that invokes the same feeling. 

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  2. Honey Mustard Pork

    Honey Mustard Pork

    Avid readers of my site (hey Mum & Dad) might remember me talking about the Picardy Pinot Noir recently and how awesomely good it is. Well, luckily for me I also have two bottles of their Chardy. Hot damn is this magical! After tasting the Pinot I got my boy Dan to send me over some of the Chardy too. Now my already bulging wine cellar is screaming out for six more! 

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  3. Watermelon, Togaroshi, Feta & Mint

    Watermelon, Togaroshi, Feta & Mint

    Can't have party food without something to drink - can we?? Good party food is definitely bubbles but bubbles is such a cop-out. Let's make it a little more interesting and go with a deliciously juicy Riesling. 

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  4. Greenock Creek

    Greenock Creek

    Greenock Creek was established by Michael and Annabel Waugh in 1984 after buying a rundown house beside the Seppeltsfield estate with a couple of acres of old Shiraz vines already planted along the creek line.
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  5. Thompson Estate

    Thompson Estate

    Thompson Estate is a Margaret River winery based in the dress circle sub region of Wilyabrup, along with Moss Wood, Cullen, Woodlands, Pierro, Fraser Gallop, Gralyn and Vasse Felix. 
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  6. Wild Mushroom Risotto

    Wild Mushroom Risotto

    There is nothing better than a cooler evening, a bowl of Wild Mushroom Risotto and a bottle of pinot in hand. Well, the glass in hand but the bottle pretty close to hand too. It's a cracking match. This week thanks to my buddy Dan at, I am sipping a Picardy Pinot Noir. This Pinot comes out of Pemberton in WA. In fact, it's my first Pinot from WA. Thanks Dan, you gave me my first. 

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  7. Hickinbotham Wines

    Hickinbotham Wines

    You might know a bit more about the wines of Yangarra than you do those of Hickinbotham Clarendon Vineyard but they do share a connection as the Jackson Family own both (along with 34 other wineries around the world). Yangarra’ s winemaker, Pete Fraser also helps out with the production of the Hickinbotham wines.
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  8. Pumpkin Pork Risotto

    Pumpkin Pork Risotto

    If you are a fan of Rhone grapes/wines then I have just the one for you. Coming in at AUS $30, $27 if you are smart enough to head to! The Schwarz GSM is UBER drinkable.  2017 wasn't the best vintage in Barossa but what the guys have done at the Schwarz company is a wine that you would think came from one of the better vintages! You get notes of soft red fruit, violet, mulberries, and licorice too alongside juicy tannins, perfectly balanced acidity, and a touch of oak. With ratings of 94 points from both Huon Hooke & Nick Butler, it's defo a great drop. 

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  9. Beef Burger, Brie, Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Onion Marmalade

    Beef Burger, Brie, Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Onion Marmalade

    A good burger doesn’t simply just require beer – especially one of this caliber!! For me, I am ALL about a good shiraz with my burger. Something bold, beautiful, and powerful (but not to the point where I can only drink 1/2 the bottle). 

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  10. Brown Butter Prawn Pasta

    Brown Butter Prawn Pasta

    The all-important Q - what wine should I drink as I cook this, whilst I eat it and open another bottle afterwards!!  This one was SIMPLE.  Chalk Hill Fiano from McLaren Vale.  I picked this one up from from my buddy Dan - a half-decent dude who might steer you in the right direction when choosing wine. ;) 

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  11. Crispy Fish Tacos

    Crispy Fish Tacos

    This week I am sipping on a Semillon from First Creek in the Hunter Valley.  Semillon is a thing of beauty really.  Drunk young it's fresh with juicy acidity, apple, pear, and loads of bright citrus notes.  Kept in the cellar and it will reward you in 5, 10, and 20 years.  As it develops it gets (I think) a little grassy, the acidity is less prominent and notes of honey start to form.  Pick this up from at a bargain of $22 a bottle and the only thing you will complain about is having not bought 6-12 bottles! 

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  12. Grilled Lamb, Hummus and Carrots

    Grilled Lamb, Hummus and Carrots

    I'm gonna ruffle a few feathers here with this one and go MERLOT!!! Mer-what? I know, I know, merlot hasn't got the best of reputations these days but honest to god there are some crackers out there! Often massed produced and definitely overdone in California at least it has grown out of popularity somewhat. WELL, prepare to have your mind changed in a matter of mls!! 

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Items 25 to 36 of 405 total

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