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You’re here because you’re looking for Prosecco or Moscato… or maybe a Pet Nat. We don’t stock a lot of these types of wines but the ones we stock are the very best we’ve been able to get our hands on… playful, sometimes sweet, always fun…

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  • Chalk Hill Moscato 2018

    Lots of tropical fruits in this one, led by lychee and mango. You’ll also find a hint of lemon and lime and a whack of sherbet fizz. Great served over ice and also makes a great cocktail...
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    Chalk Hill Moscato 2018

  • Lino Ramble 'Ring ‘O Rosie Pet Nat' Fiano 2018

    Pet Nat is short for Petillant Naturel – the method used to make this beast of a sparkling wine. In essence, the wine is bottled before fermentation has finished… as the fermentation finishes inside the bottle carbonation occurs. As a general rule, the result is a bit less effervescent than traditional sparkling, more effusive in terms of aroma. This one is bottled unfined, unfiltered and...
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  • Zonte's Footstep Bolle Felici Prosecco

    A beautifully zingy, crisp apply number. This is refreshing and at 11% relatively low in alcohol. Quite dry too and with good acidity giving it length. Importantly it is made from the Glera grapes grown on the Fleurieu Peninsula, the traditional grape of Italian...
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    Zonte's Footstep Bolle Felici Prosecco


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