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Shiraz Wines

Shiraz wine is the most iconic of all Aussie varieties – from big and bold Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Shiraz through to the cooler climate expressions from Hunter Valley, Clare Valley, the Adelaide Hills and beyond… Shiraz red wine remains king in Australia, despite it being incredibly divisive at WDHQ; Adam (Digital Manager) would rather drink tepid hot dog water whereas Phil (Sales Manager) champions it so much so that he has started making his own… All of our offerings below have been thumbsed up by the Tasting Panel and are all the evidence you need to see why this variety has continued to reign supreme. Step away from the hot dog water Adam... step away.

Is Shiraz red wine?

Mostly. The juice itself is clear, so you can make white wine outta Shiraz and some makers still do make 'em. These are pretty much just Rosés, minus the pink colour. Most Shiraz though, is sensibly fermented on skins, giving it its reddy black colour.

How long can Shiraz age?

It depends. Cheaper stuff made from lower quality grapes is typically made so that it looks at its best when it is being sold. Makes sense, given that almost all wines are drunk on the day of purchase. That said, almost all of the wines we stock will improve with careful ageing for 3-5 years, many for 10+.

Is Shiraz a strong wine?

Yarp, Shiraz naturally tends to bold flavours and high tannins. Cheaper Shiraz, Shiraz made from high yielding vineyards and those from very cool climates can be relatively lighter.

Some winemakers will deliberately make a Shiraz which is more medium bodied and fragrant, like the Lienert Sieben Klon Barossa Valley Shiraz. This is still a powerful and complex wine, but not the massive smack in the face much Barossa Valley Shiraz can be. The Lienert Brothers Sieben Klon should be at its best at somewhere between 5 and 10 years of age.

The Stonehouse Neldner Shiraz off 80-year-old Barossa vines is a splendid example of a dense, chewy and massive Shiraz. A couple of wine writers have given it 97 points, with one comparing it to Penfolds Grange. It is delicious now, looks amazing after decanting and will likely improve in bottle for close to 20 years.

We've got a more expansive write up on Shiraz available here.

Which is sweeter Merlot or Shiraz?

Shiraz and Merlot are both generally fermented dry. Want to know more about Merlot? We've got an article here.

What is the difference between Shiraz and Malbec?

Let's start with the similarities. Shiraz and Malbec are both generally boldly flavoured and well structured. Malbec has a reputation for being a little shorter, with its flavour falling away a bit on the end of your palate, where Shiraz has a rep for having excellent length.

Perhaps this is why Malbec is used so extensively as a blending variety, especially in Bordeaux. That said, Argentina makes a lot of superb straight Malbec, as does the Cahors region in France. Bleasdale, in the Langhorne Creek also make a stunning straight Malbec.

Shiraz appears much more often ‘by itself’ in bottle with the great wines of Hermitage making its reputation. In Australia, Penfolds Grange was the trailblazer but of course there are now hundreds of Australian ‘straight Shiraz’ selling for stratospheric prices.

Malbec flavours can include plum, blackberry, cherry, tobacco, white pepper, vanilla and cacao.

Shiraz flavours can include spice, black pepper, plums, chocolate, blackberry, blueberry, coffee, earth, leather, olives, herbs and cherry.

Shiraz and Malbec play nicely together... imagine your favourite Shiraz being pumped up with a hit of tobacco! Wendouree make a stunning example.

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