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Shiraz Wine Packs

Shiraz wine lovers, here you’ll find our excellent value Shiraz wine packs; from recent offerings to our best-sellers; everyday drinkers to cellar-worthy keepers - all saving up to 70%! These packs are the best value way to get more quality Shiraz in your life. and remember, FREE FREIGHT on orders of 12 or more wines to anywhere in Australia!
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  1. 12 Ripper Shiraz and a Face Melting $200 Bonus
    13 pack - $18.46/bottle
    71% Off RRP
    12 Ripper Shiraz and a Face Melting $200 Bonus
    Regular Price $820.00 $240.00

    Here’s a dozen Shiraz from the Barossa, the Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, with a 95-point Clare Shiraz, 95 pointers from McLaren Vale and a trio of Shiraz made by former Penfolds winemaker Oliver Crawford.

    We’ve also included a bonus bottle of Yaldara’s Grand Cuvée, which Sam Kim has just rated at 96 points, saying ‘This is superbly ripe and perfumed with black/blueberry, vanillin oak, warm spice and mocha notes on the nose. The powerfully concentrated palate delivers outstanding weight and opulence, together with velvety texture and fine-grained tannins, making it gratifying and immensely appealing.’ At its best: now to 2039.

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  2. 12 Top Shiraz for $150
    12 pack - $12.50/bottle
    65% Off RRP
    12 Top Shiraz for $150
    Regular Price $432.00 $150.00

    Who'd have thought you could buy a dozen quality Shiraz for $12.50 a bottle?

    Four bottles of the Brickfielder Barossa, a $45 a bottle, 94pt, explosive, chocolate and black-fruited beast covers the asking price of the pack, by itself. The Karl's Scepter Barossa, another 94 pointer is rich and smooth with good depth of flavour. Both will cellar well but are enjoyable now- more so if you have time to give them a quick decant. The Yarra Shiraz is mid-weight and savoury. It's been a slow burn this one, but as more people try it, we are seeing sales for it swell. It's a genuinely lovely everyday drink, and we're even getting orders for it from peeps in the industry.

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  3. 4 Top Shelf Reds from Barossa, McLaren, Clare and Langhorne Plus a Stunning Bonus
    13 pack - $20.00/bottle
    72% Off RRP
    4 Top Shelf Reds from Barossa, McLaren, Clare and Langhorne Plus a Stunning Bonus
    Regular Price $944.00 $260.00

    There are not too many better value packs floating around! For just $260 you are getting a spectacular selection of Shiraz and a $200 bonus.

    Mitchell’s perfectly cellared 96 point, 2015 Peppertree Shiraz

    3x Curtis $100 a bottle, intense, black ink, Mclaren Vale beauty

    3x Yaldara’s $65 a bottle Barossa Shiraz which is one of the best wines we’ve seen this year

    3x Red Deer’s juicy and delicious Langhorne Creek Shiraz

    1x Yaldara Grand Cuvee Cab Shiraz, which Sam Kim gave 96 points and said, ‘The powerfully concentrated palate delivers outstanding weight and opulence, together with a velvety texture and fine-grained tannins, making it gratifying and immensely appealing

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  4. McLaren Vale Shiraz Six Pack
    6 pack - $25.00/bottle
    68% Off RRP
    6 Smashing McLaren Vale Shiraz
    Regular Price $465.00 $150.00
    6 smashing McLaren Shiraz for you to give the old tonsil test. The highlights? Dandelion’s 97 point Firehawk Farm Shiraz, which is one of the very best Shiraz made in McLaren Vale; Haselgrove’s rich and super smooth Catkin Shiraz; and Martin’s Limited 97 point Shiraz. The Curtis Small Batch is a ripper too, old vines and 96 points- black as the ace of spades and smooth as a smoothie. No filler here, these are all superb! Learn More
  5. A Baker's Dozen of Award Winning Black Shiraz for just $189 v2.0
    13 pack - $14.54/bottle
    69% Off RRP
    A Baker's Dozen of Award Winning Black Shiraz for just $189 v2.0
    Regular Price $616.00 $189.00
    Birds of a feather this lot - stunning fruit, high quality oak, richness speaking of terroir and deep black fruit all finished with plenty of gnarly but nice tannins. Good with charcuterie. Better with a rare T-Bone. Perfect with smoky BBQ Ribs dripping in your own custom glaze. Heavenly at this price. What are you waiting for? Learn More
  6. A Brilliant Trio of Shiraz from the Barossa and Langhorne Creek
    12 pack - $15.00/bottle
    67% Off RRP
    A Brilliant Trio of Shiraz from the Barossa and Langhorne Creek
    Regular Price $552.00 $180.00

    Yep, just $15 a bottle will see you indulging in the rich flavors and aromas of this exquisite wine pack, featuring stunners from the Barossa Valley and Langhorne Creek.

    This pack includes four bottles of Yaldara Premier Cuvee Shiraz, with its bold and velvety texture and notes of dark fruit and spices. You'll also receive four bottles of Karl's Scepter Barossa Shiraz, with its complex layers of flavors and aromas, including blackberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

    In addition, you'll enjoy four bottles of Red Deer 2021 Shiraz, an exceptional, brightly, and intensely fruited medium-bodied Shiraz sourced from 50-year-old Langhorne Creek vines.

    This wine pack is valued at $552, but we are offering it to you for just $180 (yep, $15 a bottle), giving you the chance to experience these wines at an unbeatable price.

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  7. A Trio of Top Shelf Shiraz from the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek
    12 pack - $20.83/bottle
    78% Off RRP
    A Trio of Top Shelf Shiraz from the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek
    Regular Price $1,140.00 $250.00
    Here is an opportunity to stock up on some glorious Shiraz and save $890 in the process. This pack includes the Martins Limited super-premium 97 pointer from the Vale, a Langhorne lovely off 50 y.o. vines, and Pasha’s super-premium McLaren Vale Shiraz. All up, $1140 worth of top shelf Shiraz which will set you back just $250 with free freight. Learn More
  8. Barossa, McLaren & Langhorne Shiraz Doz w/ $200 Bonus
    13 pack - $15.31/bottle
    72% Off RRP
    Barossa, McLaren & Langhorne Shiraz Doz w/ $200 Bonus
    Regular Price $712.00 $199.00

    It’s not every day we can squeeze in a $200 bonus into a pack at an asking price of just $199 but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! First, the pack. You’ll be getting 4 bottles of Karl’s Scepter Barossa Shiraz, a stunner made by a former senior Penfolds winemaker. Next up, old vine glory from Metala, a very special bottling made primarily from the original 1891 plantings. Not to be outdone, a magical McLaren Vale Shiraz from Brickfielder, with exceptional length and depth of fruit. This pack is already a ripper. All 3 wines are brilliant. That said, you are a subscriber... so the following bonus will also be yours.

    The bonus, a bottle of Yaldara’s Grand Cab Shiraz 2018. Twice given 96 points, this is a rich, dense and sonorous siren song written in wondrous fruit, on the best quality oak, giving voice to feelings of fealty to the best of the Barossa. It’s that good!

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  9. Insanely Good $199 Shiraz Doz
    12 pack - $16.58/bottle
    75% Off RRP
    Insanely Good $199 Shiraz Doz
    Regular Price $800.00 $199.00
    Hard to go past this one ‘cos the booze is excellent and the value undeniable. We start with the Yaldara Premier Shiraz. A magnificently smooth, medium to full bodied, blue and black fruited Barossa Valley Shiraz. This is light on its feet despite its fruit intensity, has beautiful polish and finishes with high quality cedary French oak and fine tannins. You will also be cracking into the Curtis Limited Shiraz, with wine writer scores of 96 and a 95 already. It is drinking magnificently, with structure and depth of black and blue fruits and length and persistence which are exceptional. Finally, we have the black fruited and chocolatey Karl’s Scepter Shiraz. Learn More
  10. Martins & Manser Shiraz-Off
    12 pack - $30.00/bottle
    72% Off RRP
    Martins & Manser Shiraz-Off
    Regular Price $1,290.00 $360.00
    6 bottles apiece of 2 stellar 97 point Shiraz which you can enjoy side by side, over and over again. First up Martin’s 97 point super-premium McLaren Vale Shiraz which is packed with black and blue fruits and finished with rasps of cedar and powdery tannin. Three Scores in for this so far 1x97 ans 2x96! Last but not least, Manser’s Block 4 Shiraz, replete with two scores of 97 points and a gold medal; a powerhouse, black-fruited Shiraz packing cedar and vanilla which is finished with plentiful fine tannins. Learn More
  11. McLaren Vale vs. Barossa Valley Shiraz Dozen
    12 pack - $20.83/bottle
    75% Off RRP
    McLaren Vale vs. Barossa Valley Shiraz Dozen
    Regular Price $999.00 $250.00

    Here’s a pack which pits powerful Barossa Shiraz against multifaceted McLaren Vale Shiraz... We’re hesitant to call it a fight to the death, more of an opportunity for you to compare and contrast the many and varied charms of exceptional Shiraz from what are arguably Australia’s 2 finest regions for full bodied Shiraz.

    From the Barossa, we have the Brickfielder Shiraz, made by former Penfolds head Winemaker Oliver Crawford. This is a rich and well oaked Barossan; it is a massive wine, loaded with black fruits, vanilla and cedary oak. From the same winemaker, we have the Karl’s Scepter Barossa Shiraz, again with excellent depth of fruit and even more cedar, having spent a year in high quality French oak. There’re black fruits, chocolate, vanilla. cherries plum and spice.

    From the McLaren Vale, we present Martins Limited Shiraz, reviewed at 97 points by Sam Kim and 96 by both Ken Gargett and Kim Brebach. Year in, year out, this is our bestselling super premium Shiraz. Fruits are blacks and blues, with blueberries, blackberries, olive tapenade, cedar and vanilla populating a powerful and long palate. The tannins are polished, waxy and plentiful. Also from McLaren Vale, the Pasha Shiraz, which was voted higher than Penfolds Grange in a recent Grange challenge we conducted. This is packed with uber ripe and gorgeously generous black fruits, dark cherry, compote, notes of furniture polish, spice, black pepper, chocolate, tobacco, and leather...

    These are big wines but rather than being a clash of the titans, perhaps this represents an opportunity to compare excellent examples of Shiraz from both the Barossa Valley and the McLaren Vale, and we’ve no doubt that while you will identify a winner, it’ll be a close run thing.

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  12. On Point Shiraz
    12 pack - $15.00/bottle
    64% Off RRP
    On Point Shiraz
    Regular Price $504.00 $180.00
    At just $15 a bottle, this could be our best ever value Shiraz pack. The 'quaffer', aka Yarra Celebration Shiraz has scored an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 from customers who have bought it from us. We like it too... good fruit, mid weight, too good to be called a quaffer. The Angas King is a $75 a bottle stunner from the Clare. Richness, intensity and complexity in spades here in a wine which is only just entering its ideal drinking window and will drink well for at least another decade. Sidewood's Shiraz has harvested 12 gold medals and 96 points from Halliday. These are estate grown, hand tended vines- with the best fruit picked by a Pellenc select harvester. Lesser quality fruit does not find its way into this wine. Consider also, the use of 12 individual clones separately wild yeast fermented, given extended maceration on skins in barrel and then matured for 15 months in 100% French oak, 25% of which is new. Finally, only the best barrels make the cut for bottling. Learn More

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