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  1. Potato, Leek & Black Pudding Soup

    Potato, Leek & Black Pudding Soup

    I know it's colder and we are eating a bowl of hearty soup Potato Leek & Black Pudding Soup, but the wife doesn't drink red!!

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  2. Chicken & Butterbean Cassoulet

    Chicken & Butterbean Cassoulet

    Chardonnay ALL day! No better pairing than a beautiful Chardy to go with the rich flavours from the Chicken & Butterbean Cassoulet. 

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  3. Pork and Black Pudding Burger

    Pork and Black Pudding Burger

    This might seem like a strange one, but I can honestly say that this combo really works. Usually, when you think of burgers you lean towards a beer, or even a nice glass of red. The freshness of the apple, spice coming through from the tomato jam, and the addition of pork had me leaning towards a Riesling. 

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  4. Thai Green Chicken Curry

    Thai Green Chicken Curry

    It wouldn't be dinner if wine wasn't involved - would it??  No truer words spoken than these current times. 

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  5. Dan’s Attempt at Another Food Blogger’s Beef Cheek Ragu!

    Dan’s Attempt at Another Food Blogger’s Beef Cheek Ragu!

    A bromance was formed around their love of food and wine, between Dan and Gavin from Another Food Blogger. Since finding their new connection they have been collaborating to create the perfect wine pairings. Last week Dan tested out the Beef Cheek Ragu, let’s see how he went.

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  6. Homemade Bread – there’s nothing Ciabatta 

    Homemade Bread – there’s nothing Ciabatta 

    Good bread aka ‘the staff of life’ is certainly sustaining, comforting and bloody tasty when done well. With most of us spending more time at home, we’ve noticed a lot more baking going on amongst us winedirecties and out there in Facebook and Instaland too.  

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  7. Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Eggplant

    Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Eggplant

    Not often can you sit back and bask in your own glory.  Well, this wine pairing is 100% one of those moments.  As soon as I cracked open the delicious pinot and gave it a whiff I knew it would pair beautifully. 

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  8. Easy Carve Lamb

    Easy Carve Lamb

    A match made in heaven with this one. My easy carve lamb leg is exactly what you need for Sunday lunch/dinner.

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  9. Grilled Lamb & Roasted Veg Salad

    Grilled Lamb & Roasted Veg Salad

    Whenever we eat grilled or bbq’d lamb at home, if it’s not an Aussie wine then our first choice is a Valpolicella from fair Verona in Italy.  You just can’t beat the flavour and texture that you get from these wines.  Sitting back with this salad served family style, knowing the hard part is done there is no better feeling than sipping a glass of Valpolicella amongst friends and family.

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  10. Claymore Wines

    Claymore Wines

    Year in year out this is one of Australia’s most consistent and consistently underpriced wineries. They offer a level of polish and sophistication we normally (but don’t always) see in reds priced at $50 and over per bottle and are a 5 Star James Halliday rated winery.
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  11. Serafino Wines

    Serafino Wines

    Steve was hands on from the beginning, getting his hands dirty with picking, pruning and cellar hand work and planting his own vineyards, building his first winery. 
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  12. Schwarz Wine Company

    Schwarz Wine Company

    Jason Schwarz has wine in his DNA, a fifth generation Barossan, he was raised on his parent's vineyard. Firstly, he studied wine marketing, before realising that winemaking was his true calling.
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Items 49 to 60 of 405 total

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