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  1. Giving Curator Wine Co. a Hand

    Giving Curator Wine Co. a Hand

    We put on our hats, shorts and cowboy boots to give Curator Wine Co. a hand with their 2021 vintage… and to learn a thing or two about winemaking from a seasoned veteran!

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  2. Manser Wines 2021 Vintage

    Manser Wines 2021 Vintage

    A cracker of a day was had by all as we went out to take part in the 2021 Manser Family Wines vintage!

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  3. Wine & Chocolate Pairing with Steven ter Horst

    Wine & Chocolate Pairing with Steven ter Horst

    Wine and chocolate were invented for alleviating troubles and providing us with moments of happiness. Back in the 18th century, both wine and chocolate became known as the 'elixirs of life'. In light of Valentine’s Day (and love) Wine Guru, Ali teamed up with Steven Ter Horst, Chocolatier extraordinaire to pair some wines with his indulgent chocolates.

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  4. A Sneak Peek at Chalk Hill Collective’s New Venue

    A Sneak Peek at Chalk Hill Collective’s New Venue

    Chalk Hill Wines has teamed up with Never Never Distilling Co. and VPO (Vera Pizza Oztalia) to open an exciting new venue in McLaren Vale called Chalk Hill Collective.
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  5. Pruning at Tomich After the Fires

    Pruning at Tomich After the Fires

    Last Friday (24-01-2020), Matt visited Tomich Wines, who lost about a third of their vineyards in the recent Cuddle Creek Fires, to help out pruning some of the fire-ravaged vines.
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  6. Sidewood Estate's Beautiful New Cellar Door

    Sidewood Estate's Beautiful New Cellar Door

    Adelaide Hills winery, Sidewood Estate previewed its new cellar door, cidery and restaurant on River Road, Hahndorf last week to industry friends. Situated next to the well-known Apple Shed, the venue is perfect for anyone wanting to spend a lazy arvo in Hahndorf or the surrounding Adelaide Hills.
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  7. New Italian Wine Imports

    New Italian Wine Imports

    Our Italian Imports have landed!

    We tasted hundreds of wines earlier this year at the massive German Trade wine fair, Prowein, at the Italian wine expo Vinitaly and throughout various Italian wine regions. Overseas we tasted and reviewed the wines at least twice and then we did it all again as a panel back in Australia, tasting and reviewing the best wines from those shortlisted for consideration. We settled on a very select few - just the 17 superb wines which are now in stock. Drum roll please…

    Here’s a little info on each of the wineries from which we have chosen to import these beautiful wines:

    Ca’ de Lion is a boutique producer which has been based in the Piedmont since 1655, making wine for many, many years. We’ve chosen to start with two of their brilliant Barberas from Asti. These are exceptional examples of Barb

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  8. Urban Wine Walk 2018 Wine-Down

    Urban Wine Walk 2018 Wine-Down

    Done and dusted for another year, the Adelaide edition of the Urban Wine Walk proved solid success as thrones of vino fiends trampled through the East End of Adelaide to experience a range of current wines on offer from some of the country's finest, including plenty of local talent. One of our WD family members Elspeth Love walked a purple stained mile on behalf of us at sampling a variety of wines. Some boutique, some well known, some less known, most of them excellent. El's pic for the day: Ministry of Clouds 2017 McLaren Vale Tempranillo Grenache Here are some snaps she took on the day. Don't be jealous.

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  9. Tag us on Insta - win wine...

    Tag us on Insta - win wine...

    Just like great food and bad jokes, we believe the joy of wine should be shared... If you like snapping a pic of your favourite glass of vino, all you have to do is upload it to Instagram, tag and use the hashtag #winedirectpic to be in the running for a free six pack of wine.

    [caption id="attachment_2126" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Instagram: Use #winedirectpic[/caption] Whether it’s a cracker of a food and wine combo or a snap of your favourite purchase from us featuring your pet donkey, we don’t mind so long as it’s got wine in it! We’ll choose the winning photo based on how much it made us laugh, cry or tell our friends about it
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  10. Wine supplied by for Everyday Gourmet Season 8

    Wine supplied by for Everyday Gourmet Season 8

    Here at we're more than chuffed to announce that we've supplied the wines for the 8th season of 'Everyday Gourmet' featuring ex-Masterchef and renowned television chef, Justine Schofield! The series is aired on Channel Ten, Australia. To stay in touch with the series, head to the Everyday Gourmet site. [caption id="attachment_2076" align="alignnone" width="625"] Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield[/caption]

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  11. The Press Club - Melbourne's Hellenic Heart

    The Press Club - Melbourne's Hellenic Heart

    From time to time we all need a small break from the hustle and bustle of life, as hard as that is to accept for someone like myself - a full time professional musician. As a self professed workaholic, I often fill every bit of down time with some sort of career busy-work. However, as my partner had a few days work interstate, we decided to make use of my 'musician's weekend' and spend Monday through to Wednesday morning in Melbourne, being sure to return to Adelaide just in time to continue the working week in the orchestra for a matinee performance of 'Matilda the Musical'.

    Melbourne. It's a great city.

    Many of us Adelaideans share a strong affiliation for this neighbouring capital city. With its distinct artistic vibrancy, multiculturalism and ever-evolving food and drink culture, there's always an adventure to be had in some way or another. As musicians, Sally and I have individually spent large amounts
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  12. Vintage of the Year 2017

    Vintage of the Year 2017

    2017 will be known as a very late vintage with an unusually long growing season delaying vintage by nearly a month. In the southern Adelaide Hills, many of us who had staved off disease and kept our canopies healthy chewed nervously on our fruit and glanced hopefully at our weekly analysis with itchy trigger fingers poised to get bird nets off and rip into harvest. A burst of warm weather in early April provided great relief to us and our neighbours as beaumes (sugars) strolled into the low to mid- teens. One last visit to our winemaker Phil Christiansen con rmed what we all suspected, a perfect balance of sugars and acids, fruit poised to make wine with amazing flavour without the usual belting of alcohol we’ve all become accustomed to... time to pick. Excited about the haul Enter the weather. With ‘substantial’

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