Getting To Know Phil

Phil's career in wine has been a mix of independent retail in the early 90s, to working and studying in the UK knocking over the first two hurdles to the Master of Wine. After returning to Australia, he worked for Baily and Baily and then began a lengthy stint in wholesale championing a long list of small, independently owned wineries. He has also worked as cellar hand, picker, pruner and a bunch of other inglorious roles, all to keep his feet firmly on the ground and convey a greater appreciation of what happens before wine makes it to your glass.

These days Phil makes his own wine, Manser Family Wines, a family business which keeps him busy but he is still a valued member of our tasting panel.

Your favourite ‘go to’ style of wine? 

Aged Riesling… so so good on its own but also an excellent foil for slightly spicy food, Thai salads and the like…


Your wine pick of the month?
 2012 Patrick Aged Riesling… I like this because it flies in the face of Riesling snobbery (not from Clare! OMG!), yet has all the class and polish of the greats with more time to develop… while Pat was alive, I met him as the Chief Wine Maker at Hollick Wines and was fortunate enough to share some of his winemaking philosophies along with war stories from his football days as a utility with the North Adelaide Roosters… his least favourite opponent? Dave Granger (Port Adelaide), he always left those battles with bruises and the occasional dislocation.


What food you would pair your pick with?

Thai Salad, made by the legendary and very modest Wannapon Drew… everything she makes deserves a great wine to go with it.


Why do you love working with

People… I like the crew there and the personal service they offer their clients which is what sets them apart from other online wine retailers.