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2014 Hesketh Barossa Valley Negroamaro

The simple pleasure of a wine that is as suggestively succulent, bold and endearing as a warm squeeze from your first love needs to be appreciated. A moment of pause. Think.

A Taste of Hugh Hamilton

Matt and Phil sat down the other day to have a quick look at some of the excellent wines on offer from Hugh Hamilton...

Le Mesnil

Le Mesnil (or Le Menil-sur Oger if you want the whole mouthful) is a Grand Cru Village within the famed Cote Des Blancs sub region of Champagne that we spent a bit of time in while hunting for Champers.

Bernard Remy

On the road in Champers Matt spent a fair whack of time at Bernard Remy. Here’s Matt having a glass with winemaker Rudy and Rudy filling a glass... even winemakers can’t pour straight!


Matt spent some time in Cramant on his recent expedition hunting for more Champers. In addition to being a beautiful place, it is also home to 100% Grand Cru vineyards.