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Champagne Roger Brun

We are now importing FOUR Champagne Houses direct from the source in Champagne, France. Our newest producer is Roger Brun and we decided to bring in just two of his best Champagnes to begin with, his Réserve Grand Cru and Cuvée des Sires. Both offer a breathtaking intensity of flavour and complexity. The Brun family have been vignerons since prior to the French revolution. Noted Champagne expert and author, Michael Edwards included these two cuvées in the following description “Now on to the exceptional Roger Brun Cuvées that really count… the Réserve Grand Cru is made only from Ay grapes, four fifths Pinot Noir, the rest Chardonnay, with 50% reserve wine… a wine for fine cuisine. Finally, two truly great wines fermented in Oak [including] the Cuvée des Sires, a classic Ay 70/30 mix of Pinot and Chardonnay, has strength and finesse in equal measure, lemony aromas ceding to butter and toast…”...

Dill & Caper Mayo (for Fish)

Ahh. Summer BBQs. We all love 'em, but if you're like me, you're looking for a variety of things to cook, not just chops and snags. Fish burgers, or just fish goes so well on the BBQ. ...

Rolf Binder

We love it when old friends re-join the family. We’re pretty darn happy to be featuring Barossa winery Rolf Binder and the premium wines that they have to offer....

Customer Reviews

  • 2014 Faux Pas Grenache

    2014 Faux Pas Grenache

    "A recommendation from the lads and ladies here in the office, this small batch Mclaren Vale 2014 Grenache is nothing s..."
    Sam - Content Editor -, 11.05.2017