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Wine Talk

Trains, Champagnes and Baguetting Away With It - Part 1

Part 1/3 of Matt's Champagne Adventures - After 4 solid days of tasting and meetings with Champagne Houses at Prowein in Dussledorf, Matt headed off to Epernay, Champagne…

A man on a mission... of the Champagne kind...

We packed Matt up and bundled him off to Prowein in Dusseldorf and a few Champagne houses in France on a mission to find us some seriously high quality Champagne. There’s plenty of good stuff available from the bigger brands in Australia but we wanted some of the good and great stuff from the smaller Champagne producers to offer you.

Phil's Delicious Meaty Balls

This is my favourite Italian Meatball Recipe (my only one actually) that has evolved from my school days growing up amongst Italians in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. The stay over weekends were a whole new world of food for me. Bread, oil, tomatoes, pasta, pizza… all freshly made and of course, meatballs, the likes of which I’d never tasted before.

Dan's Easy Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

Risotto is great fun, but who has time for all that 'slowly adding stock and stirring' business!  This is a no-stir recipe for those times that you just want to sit back on the couch for an hour and have a glass of wine while it reduces away and does its own thing!

White Beans with Chorizo

Tapas and Temp go together like love and marriage, Helen Mirren and Oscar nominations, Shane Watson and LBW’s.