Dogs, Dogs, Dogs + Wine.

Everyone has a dog story… well hair of the dog. Plus, we sell wine, cracking good wines at that too. So, let’s see what dog is best paired with your favourite wine.

Sparkling - West Highland Terrier

Obviously, you’re the life of the party and attention seeking at that. You are chatty, talk sh*t and the trendy clothes wearer of the group. You can also be extremely moody and attention seeking… some would say, if you don’t receive attention become a little flat. You also crave a good compliment about your shoes.   

Open a bottle of this: Wicks Estate 'Pamela' Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir  

Riesling - Corgi

You’re refined and someone who just gets better with age. You’re a chiller but someone who has an opinion and not afraid to speak up. You are loyal, fun and love social outings. You are treated like the queen of the party, but there’s always one attention seeker in the group.

Open a bottle of this: Alkoomi Black Label Riesling

Chardonnay - Toy Poodle

You think you are all that, with your fancy clothes and handbags. You feel that you need to be in control of everything around you, if not running the household. To others, you have the face of an angel but to those closest to you, you are seen as a bit of a nut case.

Open a bottle of this: Picardy Pemberton Chardonnay 

Rosé - Labrodoodle

You’re like an out of control teenager stepping away from the Passion Pop and Cruisers. You are sweet, innocent but also a little bit dopey but you are lovable and loved by people around you. You are a good one.

Open a bottle of this: Mr Mick Rosé


Pinot Noir - Cavoodle

You used to be cool, but you’re now just overpriced and have a yearlong waiting list. People love you, your personality and the ability to shhhh when told.

Open a bottle of this: Stonier Mornington Peninsula 'KBS Vineyard' Pinot Noir 

Sauvignon Blanc - Maltese Terrior

You have your own style and the attitude to match. Saying that, not everyone likes you, but you won’t let that stop you from socialising in a crowd. You will find that people will simply nod and agree with you because they are just not listening to a word you say.

Open a bottle of this: Riposte 'The Foil' Sauvignon Blanc

Shiraz - Labrador

Your popular and everyone loves you. You’ve always got something intelligent to say at the dinner table but it does take you a bit to warm up to others, around an hour or two... or a bottle or two in this case.  

Open a bottle of this: Chalk Hill 'Luna' Shiraz

Cabernet Sauvignon - Greyhound

You’re like the quirky one that people don’t understand but want to be around. Structured and competitive, you love a good day at the races.

Open a bottle of this: Purple Hands Wines 'Planta Circa' Cabernet Sauvignon 

Merlot - Dalmatian

You don’t really like to be social and you are the one known to ghost at social events. You prefer your space, comfort food and sitting in front of a crackling wood fire on a cold day.  

Open a bottle of this: Leconfield Coonawarra Merlot 

Grenache - Chihuahua

You’re multi-talented bunch but a bit nervous in social situations, you have the ability to mix with most people in a crowd. You’re engaging, entertaining, yappy and people like to stop and talk to you, but after a couple you are a bit much to handle.

Open a bottle of this: Heirloom Vineyards Alcala Grenache