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Pinot Noir Wines

Maligned by some and revered by others, Pinot Noir wine certainly is divisive, but we all love it at WD. The truth is, it’s a bugger of a grape to grow well, that’s in the handful of regions that can actually grow it well, and it's harder still to turn into something worth drinking. But when you combine grapes that have been lovingly tended with a winemaker worth their salt, something ethereal, almost transcendent transpires. We have spent many an eve discussing life, the universe and everything with a bottle of Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula or, indeed, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir at the table... and the answers to the questions posed are always more profound in the presence of this most noble of grape varieties. Is Pinot Noir red or white? Both. While Pinot N ...

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  1. Domaine Masse Cote Chalonnaise Burgundy 2018
    Special Price $50.00 Regular Price $65.00
    A tiny Burgundian Estate producing miniscule quantities of delectable Pinot Noir. This one offers red fruits, the svelte swirliness you’d expect of Burgundy, along with spice, plenty of acid and whisper fine tannins. Learn More
  2. First Creek Botanica Pinot Noir 2022
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $25.00
    An easy drinking, varietal Pinot offering raspberries, cherries and bramble aplenty, bolstered by generous fruit sweetness, finishing whisper fine tannins. Learn More
  3. Heirloom Alcazar Castle Pinot Noir 2021
    Special Price $70.00 Regular Price $80.00
    Expressive, grounded, powerful, playful. This is an exceptional Pinot Noir sourced from a single vineyard in Charleston. Red and purple aromatics lead to a powerful yet aquiline palate offering roses, cherries, violets, spice, must and toastiness. The palate is long and the tannin finish fine. The acidity elevates the fruit. Exceptional. Learn More
  4. Heirloom Vineyards Velvet Fog Pinot Noir 2022
    Special Price $35.00 Regular Price $40.00
    A very expressive nose offering a purple pinot perfume along with spice. The palate is big by pinot standards, laden with strawberries, savories, spice salinity and beetroot. Sensational value. Learn More
  5. Kings Creed Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2021
    Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $35.00
    On the bigger side for Pinot Noir, offering red and blue fruits, spice, and cedar. Looks good on opening but definitely benefits from decanting. The inclusion of 10% whole bunches in the ferment has provided some crunch to the structure. Our suggestion, decant about an hour before drinking and enjoy with something duck flavoured. Learn More
  6. Levantine Hill 'The Coldstream Guard' Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2021
    Special Price $35.00 Regular Price $50.00
    A beautifully delicate pinot noir offering strawberries and red fruits on the nose. Sweet fruits and sour cherries on the pallet are delivered along with savory aspects, game and a suggestion of minerality, red apple skins and spice. Delicious. Learn More
  7. Riposte 'The Dagger' Pinot Noir 2022
    Brimming with fresh raspberry and forest fruits, this is a bright and crunchy edition of the Dagger from Tim Knappstein and his son Nick. A modern Pinot in style and unashamedly light to med bodied and made to enjoy young. Learn More
  8. Riposte 'The Sabre' Pinot Noir 2022
    Special Price $36.00 Regular Price $38.00
    The best Sabre we have seen to date. This multi clone blend (MV6, 1154, 115, D4V2, D5V12, and 18GM) is aromatic, succulent and drying, with cherries and savoury notes. The wine is just mid weight and offers delightfully ethereal aromatics and appropriate fruit weight on the palate. 25% French oak sees some lovely charry notes sliding into fine tannins on the finish. Learn More

8 Items


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