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  1. Mimosa, and other wine-based cocktails you need to try

    Mimosa, and other wine-based cocktails you need to try

    Mimosa, and other wine-based cocktails you can make at home

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  2. Honey Bang Bang’s Lamb Cutlets

    Honey Bang Bang’s Lamb Cutlets

    Located in Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills, Honey Bang Bang delivers a fun, vibrant take on South East Asian food. The venue is owned, run and served by husband and wife team, Montie & Hailey Waraich. Their food is created from locally sourced produce, to deliver meals with flavour bangs of high quality. Their love and passion for food is evident in their food, and is perfect to be shared amongst family and friends.

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  3. 'Simple' Cooking With Matt

    'Simple' Cooking With Matt

    ‘Simple’ cooking is not only delicious, but it can also be easy. The Ottolenghi SIMPLE cookbook delivers the goods with over 130 brilliant recipes from award winning Chef Yotam Otttolenghi. It truly is everything you love about Ottolenghi, made simple.

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  4. Pineapple Chicken Wings

    Pineapple Chicken Wings

    Dinner doesn't always need to be super fancy, and sometimes you just can't beat a big ol' bowl of chicken wings. At the same time, it would be rude not to do those wings justice. So with this homemade pineapple, chili & ginger glaze, you will certainly be doing your wings proud. Oh and no doubt a bottle of ‘Curator’ Resiling will go down a treat! Now, who wants some Pineapple Chicken........

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  5. Anchovy Steak Sauce

    Anchovy Steak Sauce

    This simple anchovy steak sauce is one that we use regularly in the house. What's even better is it's not just a steak sauce! Imagine (or do have it!) drizzled over tomatoes, used on top of bruschetta or over some pulled lamb and polenta - recipe coming soon!! It's quick to make and adds BAGS of flavour to many dishes.

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  6. Blackened Salmon Taco

    Blackened Salmon Taco

    By now you have probably guessed I'm partial to a glass of wine or two! Yes, I do drink other drinks but wine with dinner after a day of parenting is, well ESSENTIAL!! I have visited many wineries and am part of quite a few wine clubs, and along with visiting local independent bottle shops, I pick up some GREAT bargains online. A good chunk of those come from and my mate Dan who is the business development manager there!

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  7. Chicken Caesar Sandwich

    Chicken Caesar Sandwich

    What's dinner without wine? Well, it's technically still dinner but it defo ain't as good a dinner ;) This mighty chicken caesar sandwich deserves an equally good wine to sip (before), with (and after) it. I've chosen a Santa & D'Sas Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley for this one. Rated highly by Mr Halliday, this delicious drop is at a great price at
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  8. Duck Orange Sauce

    Duck Orange Sauce

    It wouldn't be dinner without a nice glass of wine to accompany this delicious duck & orange sauce dish. Once again, my boy, Dan has come up trumps...a little election joke, with this delicious Curtis Family Limited Series 2016 Grenache.

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  9. Chimichurri Sauce

    Chimichurri Sauce

    No steak dinner would be complete without a nice big juicy red wine. Luckily for you and me, one of my good mates (Dan) works at and has hooked me up once again with a cracker. Is there anything this chap can't do - wine wise that is. There is a list WAY too long on other things. 

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  10. Smashed Cucumber Salad

    Smashed Cucumber Salad

    What do you pair with a light, refreshing, Asian influenced delicious smashed cucumber salad? Riesling my friend, riesling. 

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  11. Teriyaki Salmon Toast

    Teriyaki Salmon Toast

    Where would we be eating delicious teriyaki salmon toast with family/friends without a good wine to accompany it. This dish screams drinks and snacks amongst friends and for me, Rosé wine does that too! 

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  12. Panzanella Salad

    Panzanella Salad

    This week we sipped on not one, not two but three bottles of Mr Riggs Montepulciano wine. Mr Riggs is a James Halliday 5 star rated winery which is a pretty amazing achievement in itself. You know when you crack open any wine from these guys we are talking about a glass of seriously good wine and this one didn't disappoint either! 

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Items 1 to 12 of 155 total

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