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Rosé Wines

Rosé wine was the drink of choice for Mark and Adam on their last trip to Sydney. They’re fairly large and hairy lads, so there was some confusion from their cohorts when placing an order for said drink of choice. But it was hot and humid in Sydney, and a big ballsy red was not the answer. Whether you like your Rosé wines bone-dry or with a lick of sweetness, here are the latest offerings that have passed the Tasting Panel’s lips and left a smile on them.

What is Rosé wine?

Rosé is a dry, off dry or sweet red wine. The colour can range from light pink to quite vividly so, depending on how much skin contact is allowed with the juice post crushing.

Is Rosé a sweet wine?

Often but not always. Rosé can be anything from bone dry to super sweet.

Do you chill Rosé wine before drinking it?

Pretty much always. Because Rosé is made with limited skin contact it doesn’t contain much tannin. This means the wine won’t become bitter or astringent when chilled.

What food goes well with Rosé wine?

If the Rosé is sweet, it will work well with dishes containing heat by way of spice. Dry and light Rosé work well with goats cheese, pasta, rice dishes and seafood. Medium bodied dry Rosé can work with paella and grilled meats, including chicken and beef.

How long can I keep Rosé wine in the fridge?

Once opened, generally, no more than a day. After that the aromatics and flavours will dull.

If the bottle is unopened, in theory as long as you like. That said, wine doesn’t like vibration, including that generated by household fridge compressors. Vibration is reputed to decrease some types of acid and esters which in turn will dull aromatics and flavours. It can also increase the amount of propanol which will dull the wine and increase the level of isoamyl alcohol which may make the wine taste sweeter. Not a biggie if you whack the wine in the fridge and don’t get to it for a week but you don’t want to use the fridge for ‘cellaring’. Wine specific fridges typically have an external and/or specialist compressor.

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  1. Colab and Bloom Tempranillo Grenache Rosé 2021
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $27.50
  2. Dandelion Fairytale of the Barossa Grenache Rosé 2017
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
  3. Dandelion Fairytale of the Barossa Grenache Rosé 2018
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $30.00
  4. Howard Vineyard Adelaide Hills 400 Range Rosé 2021
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $20.00
  5. Howard Vineyard Adelaide Hills Cabernet Franc Rosé 2021
    Special Price $32.00 Regular Price $35.00
  6. Leconfield La Sevillana Rosé 2021
    Special Price $25.00 Regular Price $28.00
  7. Mr Mick Rosé 2020
    Special Price $16.00 Regular Price $17.00
  8. Turkey Flat Rosé 2021
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $25.00
  9. Wicks Estate Pinot Rosé 2020
    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $20.00

9 Items

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