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Red wine lovers, here you’ll find our exciting collections from Pinot Noir to Port and everything in between. From our recent offerings to our best-sellers, you’ll find everyday gluggers to crackers worthy of a good cellaring - saving up to 70%! Remember, FREE FREIGHT with 12 or more anywhere in Australia.

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  • 99 Buck Wine Club Reds

    Some say you need an occasion to drink wine. To that we say: ‘How about Tuesday?’ Our most affordable red pack featuring deliciously quaffable Shiraz from Noble Bay, made by our Finniss River friends. Classic Shiraz here with plenty of plums, chocolate, pepper and great fruit depth. Willowglen Shiraz Cabernet is a typical dry red full of fruit and oak which will go nicely with pizza night....
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    99 Buck Wine Club Reds

  • Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project 17 6 Pack

    Here’s an awesome 6 pack of Barossa Grenache – all off the same vineyard, made by 6 different, exceptional winemakers.

    First – a bit about Artisans of Barossa and its winemakers.
    Artisans of the Barossa comprises 6 of the very best Barossa wine producers.
    John Duval, of John Duval Wines made Penfold's Grange for almost 30 years before leaving to concentrate on making...
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  • Better Quaff Red

    It's heading into that time of year when quaffing red over white becomes a thing. Good then to quaff 'better-than-quaffing' reds at quaffing prices - so here are three lovelies for your consideration. Stunning Mezzo Cab made by Phil Lehmann who also makes the famed Parker Coonawarra Estate's Cab, Hesketh's wines and is joint winemaker of the stunning Vickery Rieslings with absolute winemaking...
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    Better Quaff Red

  • d'A to Z

    We’re redefining the alphabet with this heavily awarded dozen. We’ve got everything from d’A to Z in d’Arenberg’s five gold Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier, Kilikanoon Meymans 96 point Shiraz Cab, Pertaringa’s Over The Top Shiraz with a gold medal and multiple scores of 95+ and Zonte’s Baron Von Nemesis Barossa Shiraz with a whopping ten gold medals. Want some bragging rights? This...
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    d'A to Z

  • Four Crackers, Two Legends, One Pack

    Three a piece of Kilikanoon’s Meymans Shiraz and Shiraz Cabernet, and d’Arenberg’s Galvo Garage Cabernet Blend and Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier. Stunningly powerful black fruits, refined oak and fine tannins abound in these wines made by two legendary producers....
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    Four Crackers, Two Legends, One Pack

  • Hedonistic Halliday High Pointers

    The Halliday scores are out and we’re beaming... Here’s a few beautiful wines we’ve been banging on about for quite a while which have just picked up some very succulent scores indeed - we’ve fashioned a dozen from 95 and 96 pointers and are happy to offer it to you for $265 – better than half price! More info...
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    Hedonistic Halliday High Pointers

  • Mates Rates on 2 Exceptional 96 point Reds

    Here’s two stunning reds both of which have scored 96 points… total value of the doz is $435 – yours for $240 in the bundle with free...
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    Mates Rates on 2 Exceptional 96 point Reds

  • No One Will Order This v15.0

    After Matt’s recent jaunt to Germany, Italy and France, we’re more excited than normal about the range of alternate varieties that will be coming our way. For now, here’s a sixer to get you started. Italian varietals include a trophy winning Sangiovese by Mr Mick, Negroamaro by Hesketh and Susumaniello by Conte Di Campiano. For something French(ish), Grenache by Curtis, Tannat by Hither and...
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    No One Will Order This v15.0

  • No One Will Order This v16.0

    Winter is a lovely time to hunker down in the kitchen, steam up the windows and cook up a feast. As wine and food go hand in hand like Kim and Donald, we thought we’d inspire you with these six savoury alternate varietals. Zonte’s seven gold medal Malbec, Purple Hands Mataro Grenache Shiraz, Lagrein from Silhouette, Howard’s Cabernet Franc and from Rusden, their Grenache and Malbec...
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    No One Will Order This v16.0

  • No One Will Order This v17.0

    This little savoury sampler is one we’re quite excited about. Great to pair with a range of cuisine from albondigas to arrabiata or to drink ‘just ‘cos’. Nero D’Avola from Monterra, Grenache from Rusden and Heirloom, a Lagrein and a couple of Tempranillos from Geoff Hardy and Willunga 100, all with their fair share of accolades. Get smart, get savoury, get...
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    No One Will Order This v17.0

  • Platinum Wine Club Reds

    These reds drink in true platinum style, with great cellaring potential too. Kilikanoon Meymans Shiraz Cabernet is luscious and complex with chocolate, tea-leaf spice and dark plums and black cherries. From Monterra, their McLaren Vale Shiraz is contrasting with lighter red and blue fruits, stunning depth of flavour and spice and 96 points with a triple gold. For something different, we...
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    Platinum Wine Club Reds

  • Premium Wine Club Reds

    Three stunning Shiraz and a cracker of a Cab in this premium dozen as you journey from the Barossa Valley to the Tatiara in Victoria. 3 Rings brings big, black and rustic with blackberries, plums and dark chocolate in a big 15% alcohol. Tim Adams Shiraz is cooler climate, with blue fruits and some quality oak. From the Fleurieu comes gold medal winner Finniss River with their excellent sweet...
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    Premium Wine Club Reds

  • Ranga Tangs

    Humans and chimps score a 96(ish) point match with DNA. Kilikanoon Meymans reckon they can match it, with a 96 score for their Clare Valley Shiraz Cabernet. Not to mention The Hidden Sea Shiraz Cab with 2 golds, or that herbaceous Hesketh Mezzo Cab with 94 points and gold medal winning Shiraz from Finniss River. In all of these you’ll find fruit, herbs, nuts.. maybe we’re not so different...
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    Ranga Tangs

  • Redification

    It’s winter, we couldn’t help ourselves. Here are four bling heavy, drink red-dy wines for your winter comfort. Purple Hands Shiraz with 96 points, Tim Adams Clare Valley Shiraz with 92 points from Wine Front, a triple gold Cabernet from Finniss River and a double gold Cabernet blend from The Hidden...
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  • Shiraz I Live and Breathe

    Australia’s most prized red wine which also shares its name with a city in Iran (which caused some issues with our PayPal account once... but that's another story)... that’s right, the beloved Shiraz. No surprises, just excellent booze from Zonte’s Footstep (5 gold medals and 93 points), Purple Hands (96 points), Dandelion (7 golds) and a Centurion from Richard Hamilton which averages 96...
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    Shiraz I Live and Breathe

  • Shiraz-tounding

    Four fantastic bling laden Shiraz here, with 6 gold medals and plenty of 94, 95 and 96 point scores on the go. These are all drinkable now and worth decanting for best effect, or can be...
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  • Shirazcals

    Shirazcals: noun – a cheeky group of people who love a selection of Australia’s favourite varietal. Don’t believe us? Believe the booze. Zonte’s plum and chocolate Lake Doctor with 5 golds, a slightly perfumed silky number in Anvers Brabo, Tim Adams' 2012 Bayes Block with plenty of cooler blue fruits, Kilikanoon Meymans with its velvet tea-leaf spice, a faithful full-bodied...
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  • Shirazortment

    Shiraz lovers, we've got your back. Four stunning examples to get your taste buds tickled. We reckon they’re pretty decent too. Martins Vineyard's (retailing for $150/btl) which oozes both new and old world class, Curtis' Heritage "better-than-quaffer", Monterra's awesome and slightly more savoury 96pt, triple Gold winning stunner and Pertaringa's "how-can-we-fit-any-more-bling-on-this-bottle"...
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  • Tight-as Tuesday Tipples

    Free thinking, easy drinking, glass clinking and bottle sinking. Sometimes you don’t need to be overloaded with life’s choices. We hear you, so we’ve got four a piece of three cracking reds - Clare Valley Shiraz from Tim Adams, bold and brassy Shiraz from Curtis and some classy Cabernet from Yaldara. $129 per dozen, at this price you’ve got no choice but to get your tipples...
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    Tight-as Tuesday Tipples

  • To Thine Own 12 Be True

    Old mate Bill Shakespeare penned many a world-changing word in his lifetime. He was also a fan of a tipple and would no doubt thoroughly commend this here dozen featuring a noble selection of Shiraz from Monterra, The Hidden Sea, Turkey Flat, Tim Adams, Martins, Richard Hamilton, Dandelion and Purple Hands, together with Cabernet from Dandelion and Finniss River and Grenache from Rusden and...
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    To Thine Own 12 Be True

  • Voir Rouge

    Voir Rouge: Fr. ‘To see red.’ Split Enz had a hit with a similar name. We opted for the French title because like most things French, they’re just a little bit classy. Three superb Shiraz and a Shiraz blend that we’d all gladly hang our berets...
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    Voir Rouge


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