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Pyrenees, Vic

The Pyrenees wine region is a couple of hours West north west of Melbourne, or if you prefer, a bit above Ballarat on the map, kinda.

Grenache - the oldest new world wine ever!

You gotta love the classics - a true classic will be a true classic forever! It will ride the waves of trends and bide it’s time until the next generation discovers it in their Mum and Dad's record collection or cellar - who then go on to painfully tell their parents how they discovered it and how cool it is.

Stuart Bourne

Despite family roots and vineyards in the Clare Valley Stuart has made his name as a top end winemaker in the Barossa. He's spent the last fifteen years squishing Barossa grapes and turning them into quality kit. His love for the region comes from it having "some of the oldest vines on the planet, the history of the area and its culture."

Chateau Tanunda

Chateau Tanunda was built in the late 1880’s, and has plantings dating back to the 1840’s. As Europe was ravaged by phylloxera which destroyed vineyards, an opportunity arose for very profitable winemaking in Australia.

Phil's Naughty Chorizo

Everything Phil does is naughty - especially in the kitchen...