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Wine Talk

Phil's Delicious Meaty Balls

This is my favourite Italian Meatball Recipe (my only one actually) that has evolved from my school days growing up amongst Italians in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. The stay over weekends were a whole new world of food for me. Bread, oil, tomatoes, pasta, pizza… all freshly made and of course, meatballs, the likes of which I’d never tasted before.

Dan's Easy Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

Risotto is great fun, but who has time for all that 'slowly adding stock and stirring' business!  This is a no-stir recipe for those times that you just want to sit back on the couch for an hour and have a glass of wine while it reduces away and does its own thing!

White Beans with Chorizo

Tapas and Temp go together like love and marriage, Helen Mirren and Oscar nominations, Shane Watson and LBW’s.

Charred Sardines with Lemon, Parsley & Garlic

Savour on a warm summer's night with the sun setting and the echoes of the ocean waves in the background as you pour your friends and yourself the extra glass of wine you know you want but shouldn’t have, then laugh, eat and drink the night away.

Slow Cooked Stew - Beef Cheeks and Kangaroo in Red Wine

I love making this stew when in the depths of winter we have the slow combustion fire going.  With the cosiness of the fire and the smell of the stew slowly cooking on the combustion fire-top, the world seems a happier place when we hunker down by the fireside in refuge from the cold and rain, comfort food and wine at the ready.