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  1. Beef Cheek Ragu

    Beef Cheek Ragu

    This is our go to dinner in my home. If you haven’t had beef cheeks then you are missing out! Granted this recipe takes a little time to make but the beauty of it is it freezes AWESOMELY.
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  2. Crispy Pork & Papaya Salad

    Crispy Pork & Papaya Salad

    Pork is one of my favourite meats to eat – so versatile and great at anytime of the day too! This dish calls on my times travelling around Asia and having crazy good crispy skin pork, unbelievably flavourful dipping sauces and fresh & spicy salads.
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  3. What to do, with Fondue?

    What to do, with Fondue?

    As the weekend closed in we all received an email from the wonderful Ali asking for recommendations on which beverage might make a suitable match for a traditional European Cheese fondue. Well, that set our taste bud imagination. The responses flooded in thick and fast with opinions covering every colour of the drink rainbow. The catalyst for most people's thinking was straight forward enough - cheese fondue, is thick, rich and quite involved, so something with acid is clearly required. White wines are an obvious choice, the acidity is there and a good chilling doesn't go astray either. However, bags of lemon and lime are not necessary the flavours you might be after with a serious dairy commitment (palate dependent, of course!) A few of us weighed in on personal experiences we'd had in Europe itself - and the answer came in one word: schnapps. Many Aussies have the wrong idea of what that word actually means. To cite Cambridge online: 'a clear, strong alcoholic drink made in eastern and
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3 Item(s)

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