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  1. Getting to Know Matt: Dreaming of a Chateau Haut Brion 1953..

    Getting to Know Matt: Dreaming of a Chateau Haut Brion 1953..

    My journey with wine began with a trip to the Barossa with my olds when I was a poor uni student.

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  2. The Press Club - Melbourne's Hellenic Heart

    The Press Club - Melbourne's Hellenic Heart

    From time to time we all need a small break from the hustle and bustle of life, as hard as that is to accept for someone like myself - a full time professional musician. As a self professed workaholic, I often fill every bit of down time with some sort of career busy-work. However, as my partner had a few days work interstate, we decided to make use of my 'musician's weekend' and spend Monday through to Wednesday morning in Melbourne, being sure to return to Adelaide just in time to continue the working week in the orchestra for a matinee performance of 'Matilda the Musical'.

    Melbourne. It's a great city.

    Many of us Adelaideans share a strong affiliation for this neighbouring capital city. With its distinct artistic vibrancy, multiculturalism and ever-evolving food and drink culture, there's always an adventure to be had in some way or another. As musicians, Sally and I have individually spent large amounts
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  3. Matt in Prowein & Champagne 2017

    Matt in Prowein & Champagne 2017

    We packed Matt off to Prowein and Champagne again this year to hunt down some quality reds from Europe and perhaps another Champagne producer or 2 to add to the 3 awesome producers we already import... Click here to see the Champagne houses we currently import and you can check out some articles on our previous expeditions via this search query. Prowein was especially nuts this year, with 6,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries showing their wares (that’s around 4,000 more producers than there are in Australia) and about 60,000 trade visitors tasting and buying.

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  4. A Sneak Peak at our Secret 2012 Triple Gold Medal Winning Victorian Cabernet

    A Sneak Peak at our Secret 2012 Triple Gold Medal Winning Victorian Cabernet

    We were all pretty excited about this Vic Cab when it first appeared on the tasting bench... we had another quick look at it the other day and it still stacks up... a properly exceptional cool climate Cabernet that at 5 years old tastes like it has only just left the winery. It's black and taut and definitely deserves its three Gold Medals to date. Superb quality French oak on show, along with exceptional depth of fruit - blue and blacks meeting violet, liquorice and fine grained tannins. This is a tight and muscular powerhouse which should be incredible in 10 years time if you've got the will power to tuck some away... Grab yours here now!

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  5. The 2016 Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen Tasting

    The 2016 Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen Tasting

    We launched the 2016 Official Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen on the 29th October 2016 at the National Wine Centre. This year's Wine Show Dozens are the best we have curated to date - every single wine, at a minimum, scored a Gold Medal with a few picking up Trophies as well. Thanks to those that shared a glass and had a chat with us - it was great putting some faces to names!. Here's the wrap.

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  6. A Quick Chat with Mike Farmilo & Nathan Hughes of Willunga 100

    A Quick Chat with Mike Farmilo & Nathan Hughes of Willunga 100

    To celebrate International Grenache Day this year we opted to hold a bit of a Masterclass on what is quite possibly our favourite variety. We invited a few of our regulars along and figured we may as well get old mate, winemaker extraordinaire, Mike Farmilo (ex-Grange winemaker and 2 x Jimmy Watson winner) along to walk us through a few vintages of Willunga 100 Grenache in its various guises: their 'regular' Grenache - sour cherries,raspberries, savouriness and persistent length (in fact, I'm enjoying one right now as I type); their 'The Hundred' Grenache - completely unoaked, allowing the grape's natural sweetness and spice to shine through; and their 'The Tithing' Grenache - a premium offering which is lush and velvety. While we were setting up we had a quick chat to both Mike and Willunga 100's Sales Marketing Manager and all-round good fella, Nathan Hughes.

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  7. A Vertical of Leconfield Coonawarra Cabernet

    A Vertical of Leconfield Coonawarra Cabernet

    The 30th of August every year marks International Cabernet Day and we got seriously lucky this year, picking up 8 different vintages of Leconfield's revered Coonawarra Cabernet to have a squiz at. Matt and Phil stepped through the 2002, 2004, and 2009-2014 and saw quality and refinement improve markedly over the journey. What started as a very good looking lineup finished as absolutely outstanding.

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  8. 2014 Hesketh Barossa Valley Negroamaro

    2014 Hesketh Barossa Valley Negroamaro

    The simple pleasure of a wine that is as suggestively succulent, bold and endearing as a warm squeeze from your first love needs to be appreciated. A moment of pause. Think. How lucky am I to live a world of vibrancies, goodness and velvetiness that is assisted by the pleasure of 14.5% alc/vol? Tuesday night is when my old man and I indulge in a couple of bottles and discuss politics, football and the outcast, less fortunate or tolerable family members. The old fella cooked up fresh pasta with spinach and garlic and a side of a massive rib-eye on the bone topped with home-made beef rissoles. After knocking back a 2012 MV Kay Brothers Shiraz, the Hesketh 2014 Negroamaro puffed out the chest and presented. A variety from the south of Italy, this wine is big, bold and beautiful. The French oak gives it an approachability without compromising the gentle acid, ripe dark cherries, deep richness with subtle dry tannins. I picked up a bit of a sarsaparilla vibe but that just warmed my cockles

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  9. A Taste of Hugh Hamilton

    A Taste of Hugh Hamilton

    Matt and Phil sat down the other day to have a quick look at some of the excellent wines on offer from Hugh Hamilton...

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  10. Le Mesnil

    Le Mesnil

    Le Mesnil (or Le Mesnil-sur Oger if you want the whole mouthful) is a Grand Cru Village within the famed Cote Des Blancs sub region of Champagne that we spent a bit of time in while hunting for Champers. Le Mesnil is considered to be one of the greatest of the 300 plus villages in all of Champagne and is the source of Krug’s Clos du Mesnil which sells in Australia for around $1600 a bottle. The Krug is produced from a small walled vineyard (as pictured) which was planted several hundred years ago. Wines from the region are all Blanc De Blancs, white wine made from white grapes, Chardonnay specifically. They generally offer a steeliness and intensity which is hard to find elsewhere, often with a suggestion of minerality and chalkiness. Check out the vid of a very small bottling of a secret Cuvee from one of our favourite producers in the region.

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  11. Bernard Remy

    Bernard Remy

    On the road in Champers Matt spent a fair whack of time at Bernard Remy. Here’s Matt having a glass with winemaker Rudy and Rudy filling a glass... even winemakers can’t pour straight! Check out the vid too as Remy and Virginie explain riddling, disgorgement and adding the secret Liqueur d’expedition. Champagne starts its life as a normal, still wine but the ageing on lees (dead yeast cells) and the final addition of liqueur, generally made from a blend of aged reserve wines and a little sugar transform it from the ordinary into something special. Wineries like Bernard Remy who start with much higher than average quality fruit start at special and work their way into magical territory.

    [caption align="aligncenter" width="420"]Even winemakers have trouble pouring wine...[/caption]
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  12. Cramant


    Matt spent some time in Cramant on his recent expedition hunting for more Champers. In addition to being a beautiful place, it is also home to 100% Grand Cru vineyards. There are only 17 villages in Champagne considered Grand Cru, out of over 300 in total. Fair to say Matt found some very good stuff. Stay tuned.

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