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  1. Kate Laurie and Deviation Road - Champagne is never far away

    Kate Laurie and Deviation Road - Champagne is never far away

    A winters drive through the Adelaide Hills on a sunny afternoon is something that any Adelaide local should treat themselves to.

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  2. Urban Wine Walk 2018 Wine-Down

    Urban Wine Walk 2018 Wine-Down

    Done and dusted for another year, the Adelaide edition of the Urban Wine Walk proved solid success as thrones of vino fiends trampled through the East End of Adelaide to experience a range of current wines on offer from some of the country's finest, including plenty of local talent. One of our WD family members Elspeth Love walked a purple stained mile on behalf of us at sampling a variety of wines. Some boutique, some well known, some less known, most of them excellent. El's pic for the day: Ministry of Clouds 2017 McLaren Vale Tempranillo Grenache Here are some snaps she took on the day. Don't be jealous.

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  3. 5 Mornington Peninsula Wineries You Need to Visit This Weekend

    5 Mornington Peninsula Wineries You Need to Visit This Weekend

    The Mornington Peninsula is making quite a name for itself as the edgier, more unique wine making district of Victoria, and If you take a look at some of their highly regarded wineries, it’s easy to see why. With a unique cool maritime climate and geographic location, producers in the area are churning out some really outstanding wines of the highest standard. Once dominated by the tourist-drawing cellar doors of the Yarra Valley, Mornington’s wineries are slowly but surely showing the world that their region and wines are second to none. So why not find out for yourself, with a little help from Wine Compass, here’s the 5 Mornington Peninsula Wineries You Need to Visit This Weekend… [caption id="attachment_2140" align="alignnone" width="625"]

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  4. Kim Brebach

    Kim Brebach

    Who is Kim Brebach? Kim Brebach is also known as the Best Wines Under $20 Guy to those who subscribe to his weekly mailer. However, first and foremost, he’s a wine lover, an unashamed Riesling obsessive and champion of the belief that great wine doesn’t necessarily have to come with a great big price tag. 'Kim is an outspoken defender of truth, justice and value-for-money in wine, and I respect his opinions, his passions and his convictions' - Huon Hooke Kim's runs a website - Best Wines Under $20 - and sends out his Best Buys Weekly mailer to subscribers, finding the best deals from around the country at the best prices - a one stop weekly wine catalogue if you like. Kim prides himself on his independence, and his reviews reflect that: they're direct and forthright, so much so that some retailers have complained that they're 'brutal', and some wineries
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  5. Tag us on Insta - win wine...

    Tag us on Insta - win wine...

    Just like great food and bad jokes, we believe the joy of wine should be shared... If you like snapping a pic of your favourite glass of vino, all you have to do is upload it to Instagram, tag and use the hashtag #winedirectpic to be in the running for a free six pack of wine.

    [caption id="attachment_2126" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Instagram: Use #winedirectpic[/caption] Whether it’s a cracker of a food and wine combo or a snap of your favourite purchase from us featuring your pet donkey, we don’t mind so long as it’s got wine in it! We’ll choose the winning photo based on how much it made us laugh, cry or tell our friends about it
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  6. Ali's Fondue Recipe

    Ali's Fondue Recipe

    Read our last article on Fondue? Here's the recipe! It was the Seppeltsfield DP 117 Dry Flor Apera Sherry which won out on the evening - We tried the 2013 Sidewood Mappinga Fume Sauvignon Blanc which worked well and while we had Yalumba’s 2016 Eden Valley Viognier on the table we didn’t even open that because the sherry had already established itself as the perfect accompaniment.
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  7. What to do, with Fondue?

    What to do, with Fondue?

    As the weekend closed in we all received an email from the wonderful Ali asking for recommendations on which beverage might make a suitable match for a traditional European Cheese fondue. Well, that set our taste bud imagination. The responses flooded in thick and fast with opinions covering every colour of the drink rainbow. The catalyst for most people's thinking was straight forward enough - cheese fondue, is thick, rich and quite involved, so something with acid is clearly required. White wines are an obvious choice, the acidity is there and a good chilling doesn't go astray either. However, bags of lemon and lime are not necessary the flavours you might be after with a serious dairy commitment (palate dependent, of course!) A few of us weighed in on personal experiences we'd had in Europe itself - and the answer came in one word: schnapps. Many Aussies have the wrong idea of what that word actually means. To cite Cambridge online: 'a clear, strong alcoholic drink made in eastern and

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  8. Staff Cellar Door Capers - Ali

    Staff Cellar Door Capers - Ali

    Often, there are just too many places to visit.

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  9. Wine supplied by for Everyday Gourmet Season 8

    Wine supplied by for Everyday Gourmet Season 8

    Here at we're more than chuffed to announce that we've supplied the wines for the 8th season of 'Everyday Gourmet' featuring ex-Masterchef and renowned television chef, Justine Schofield! The series is aired on Channel Ten, Australia. To stay in touch with the series, head to the Everyday Gourmet site. [caption id="attachment_2076" align="alignnone" width="625"] Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield[/caption]

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  10. Feijoas. Love em or hate em?

    Feijoas. Love em or hate em?

    Feijoas. Love em or hate em? We found a mature tree out back of the office this week which was dropping ripe fruit and Elspeth Mark B and I got busy harvesting them like a threshing machine and shoving them in our heads as fast as we could chew. One of us may have spent sometime afterwards with our head literally jammed into a box filled with Feijoas. While the ‘harvesters’ love em, the office score line is about 50 50 – 50 in the love column, 50 in the – ‘urgh, that tastes like medicine or deep heat’ column. Either way, there’s a ‘kinda’ wine connection in as much as feijoa flavours can be found in some white wines, especially Riesling. Flavour wise Feijoa’s are a study in unusual contrasts, from both a flavour and textural perspective – tropical aromas with guava and maybe a hint of pineapple, then with strawberry and something decidedly green … the atavistic brain senses delight mixed with caution –

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  11. Merlot – the ducks nuts or just plain old bollocks?

    Merlot – the ducks nuts or just plain old bollocks?

    Quite unlike like Miles Raymond in the awesome film 'Sideways' ...  if anyone orders Merlot, I'm staying.

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  12. Tuscan Minestrone

    Tuscan Minestrone

    This minestrone is dead easy and will make enough for you to keep revisiting over a busy week. Of course, the process is all the more enjoyable with a glass of vino in hand, but that's up to you. Ingredients: Glug of olive oil 1 brown onion, diced 2 carrots, diced 2 sticks celery, diced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 large rasher bacon,
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