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the lane

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  1. The Lane Vineyard

    The Lane Vineyard

    Region: Adelaide Hills
    Proprieter: John Edwards
    Winemaker: John Edwards, Michael Schreurs
    Established: 1996
    Ravenswood Lane
    South Australia, 5245

    The family dream was to make distinctive wines with the gusto of Australian grown fruit matched with Old World structure. Cool temperatures, ancient gravel/limestone and clay soils, meticulous vineyard work, and sensitive winemaking melding ‘old world’ approaches with hi-tech wizardry translate the intention into some awesome wines. Some of the equipment we saw back of house is real ‘Star Wars’ stuff. Like the grape sorting table that can separate out the tiny unripe grapes from the gooduns and get rid of dust and twigs and bugs and various other moggies (easy, easy, MOG meaning matter other than grapes) before the business of stomping, crushing and pressing begins. Clean as the whistle

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  2. Michael Schreurs

    Michael Schreurs

    The Lane Vineyard

    Michael Schreurs' scientific brilliance and disciplined focus on the health and purity of the wines is the perfect foil for John Edwards’ unbridled wine making ambitions at The Lane Vineyard. Michael’s approach to winemaking, utilising his extensive experience as winemaker at Henschke's and Seppelt's Great Western is non-interventionist and minimalist, a case of less is more.

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  3. John Edwards

    John Edwards

    The Lane Vineyard

    John Edwards is not a conventional winemaker...

    His insight and skills were acquired working alongside brilliant winemakers and eating and drinking the world’s finest during the Starvedog Lane era. Now, at The Lane Vineyard, John is passionate about having his own exceptional vineyard and winery. John says it affords him the opportunity of taking a long-term view.

    We are not afraid to take risks and we do whatever is vital to bring the beauty of The Lane Vineyard into every glass of our wine.

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  4. At The Lane

    At The Lane

    It’s rare for this wine fiend to be in the company of a bloke and feel an upsurge of emotion akin to deep love. My last Friday arvo in the company of Ben Tolstoshev from The Lane Vineyard provided one such instance. Tasting a particularly delicious Shiraz matched with equally delicious raw meat, I very nearly shrugged off the cosseting coverings of polite society. Insight into the glorious freedom of nudism displayed itself plainly. The well adorned patrons at the table adjoining gave me pause for thought however. Not because they were well heeled, I just didn’t want to put them off their carpaccio. P’raps tho, they were privy to the wanderings of my mind’s eye.


      Mid-meal Ben and I wandered off for a look at ripening Chardonnay (suspect 2012 will make some ripper whites). Our friends left, but not before

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