The Lane Vineyard

Region: Adelaide Hills
Proprieter: John Edwards
Winemaker: John Edwards, Michael Schreurs
Established: 1996
Ravenswood Lane
South Australia, 5245

The family dream was to make distinctive wines with the gusto of Australian grown fruit matched with Old World structure. Cool temperatures, ancient gravel/limestone and clay soils, meticulous vineyard work, and sensitive winemaking melding ‘old world’ approaches with hi-tech wizardry translate the intention into some awesome wines. Some of the equipment we saw back of house is real ‘Star Wars’ stuff. Like the grape sorting table that can separate out the tiny unripe grapes from the gooduns and get rid of dust and twigs and bugs and various other moggies (easy, easy, MOG meaning matter other than grapes) before the business of stomping, crushing and pressing begins. Clean as the whistle who's timbre is best wet.

The real contrast is in the vineyard as Marty Edwards takes a ‘tread lightly’ approach to the earth. Systemic herbicides and pesticides are avoided, every effort is made to keep the land and the vines in balance with minimal intervention. The end result of this mix of low and high tech approaches is to encourage in the finished wine as much natural expression of fruit and place as possible. We reckon they are on the right path, erm, Lane.

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