Chicken Caesar Sandwich

What's dinner without wine? Well, it's technically still dinner but it defo ain't as good a dinner ;) This mighty chicken caesar sandwich deserves an equally good wine to sip (before), with (and after) it. I've chosen a Santa & D'Sas Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley for this one. Rated highly by Mr Halliday, this delicious drop is at a great price at

This is both a drinker and a keeper! I enjoyed one (or three) glasses of this the other night with my sandwich but can also see this one getting better and better over the next five years or so. It's got some delicious floral notes, white peach and grapefruit too. At first, I felt the grapefruit was a little too prominent but after it had time to breathe it balanced out nicely. Creamy, nutty with some delicious lees notes too. Defo a wine to get at least three of and at's price why wouldn't you?

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