Rolf Binder

We are properly stoked to have the work of Rolf Binder wines back in the house! This time it’s not just Rolf Binder wines but also the wines he makes for JJ Hahn and Magpie Estate. We did stock JJ Hahn about 10 years ago and since that first batch ran out we’ve had requests for us to get it in again pretty much every other week. Here’s a little more on the winemakers.

Character and passion are reflected in the range of wines produced by Rolf Binder and his sister Christa Deans. These siblings who grew up in a winery family make exceptional wines. Winemaking in the Binder family stems back to 1955 with the purchase by Rolf Heinrich Binder and his wife, Franziska of a business they renamed Veritas. The subsequent name change from Veritas to Rolf Binder occurred in 2005 to honour Rolf Snr.

Rolf focuses on red winemaking, receiving international accolades. He worked his first vintage in 1978 for his parents. His formal education in oenology was completed at Roseworthy College in 1981. Christa is recognised as one of the Barossa’s finest white winemakers. She too studied winemaking at Roseworthy and has made wine in Germany, France (including a vintage in Champagne), Austria and Australia (at Wolf Blass) before joining the Rolf Binder winemaking team in 1993. In 2005 these talented siblings were jointly named Barossa ‘Winemaker of the Year’.

Our range of Rolf Binder wines this year is joined by two other labels that Rolf is involved in - Magpie Estate and JJ Hahn.

Magpie Estate is a partnership between Rolf and UK wine merchant, Noel Young that was established in 1993. The mascot for this wine – the great larrikin of the Australian sky - the magpie – has been adapted to reflect the two characters involved. The wines produced under this label embody the Barossa Valley’s rich resources of Rhone Valley varieties.

JJ Hahn is an homage to the heritage of the grape growing family that dates back to the early 1900s. Rolf, as co-owner, is responsible for the winemaking, vineyard management and growth of the brand which exports the classic Barossa reds produced under this label to many countries.

Whilst these are separate brands, each carry the signature Binder softness and fruit grace. The fruit is always handled gently whilst still coaxing enough tannin and structure to generate longevity in the wines. The result, almost always, is wine which is pleasurable to drink when young, vibrant and purple but will also age beautifully.