Southern Fleurieu, SA

A trot down the road from McLaren Vale, the Southern Fleurieu is a relative newcomer as a wine region. Keep in mind we're comparing to some of the old regions in South Australia – vines were planted here as early as 1853, and it wasn't until bushfires in the late 19th century that most were wiped out. it is re-emerging as a great region, with a fantastic Mediterranean climate and great soil. Like The Vale, complexity and elegance feature in its wines.


Buxton Laurie is the first bloke on record for planting vines in the region (1853, Port Elliot). 4000 vines were producing 1,500 gallons of wine every year until the bushfires hit and destroyed the vines. Today, wineries and vineyards are active in several areas – Currency Creek, Kangaroo Island and the notable Langhorne Creek. Grenache, Viognier and Pinot Gris are starting to pop up amongst the familiar Aussie reds and whites grown in the region, showcasing the wide variety of climates and excellent terroirs throughout the area.


With cool breezes blowing in from East and West seafronts, wines are characteristically dry and elegantly rich with flavour. minty Merlots, berried Cab Savs and classy Chardy's are in abundance, rewarding tourists with a variety of sampling when visiting the historic area.

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