Mudgee, NSW

Snuggled in amongst the mountains of nothern New South Whales is Mudgee. It may be "just down the road a stretch" from the Hunter, but the climate is far from similar. Lower humidity and cooler summer nights encourage a slower, gentler growing season. Compared to it's eastern neighbour, Mudgee wines tend towards softer flavour and complexity. Good Chardy's and Cab Sav's feature.


Vines were planted as far back as 1858, and most folks agree there's a very good run of Chardonnay vines in the region. Was it a from a James Busby clone? (He who travelled the world collecting vine cuttings from Europe and South Africa in 1832.) Possibly, but with lashings of peach and fig, a good Mudgee chardy needs no heritage to be enjoyed.


With it's own wine festival and a habit of treating tourists well, it's a great region to visit. Over 40 cellar doors are on offer, and the active local food industry will keep you filled up between tastings. A treat.

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