Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Eggplant

Not often can you sit back and bask in your own glory. Well, this wine pairing is 100% one of those moments. As soon as I cracked open the delicious pinot and gave it a whiff I knew it would pair beautifully.  

Pork is something we eat a good amount of in our home and the tenderloin more than anything (except bacon!). Eggplant on the other hand is not something we eat a lot of. I’ve been trying to incorporate it more and this spicy eggplant so far is a WINNER. It’s smokey, spicy and sweet from the caramelisation too.  It matches beautifully with the pork and the added crispy kale for texture (so often the issue with eggplant) ties the dish all together.

The wine – well, for me it’s more of a food wine. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it alone but it defo showed more alongside the pork. On the nose I get good earthy and savoury notes and good fruit too. Plum, cherry and juniper along with some mushroom too. A nice touch of oak and silky tannins all balanced with good acidity and a little spice on the back palate.  It’s no wonder it tastes so damn good with the pork!!

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