Hemera Estate Shiraz - In a Word: Comfy
My tastebuds, sense of smell, liver damage and gut grew up and out over many courses of Barossa Shiraz. I had put myself on a two year break on purchasing Shiraz yet occasionally one pops up that is hard to go past. The Hemera Shiraz 2012 is all that I love about wine without the cricket bat assertiveness of some of it’s big ass Barossa neighbours. The wine is as comfy as a pair of fleecy trackies. I like rocking out in a new shirt or jeans but the comfort of the tracksuit pant is beyond measure. It makes you feel at home…if home is place where no one else is around putting demands on your time, energy or attention. Run DMC rocked out in casual adidas tracksuits because they could. I rocked out the Hemera Shiraz 2012 because I could. While in the cinema watching Brad Pitt in the movie Fury, I just happened to have a bottle with me and a plastic cup from the ‘candy store’. The nose is plummy, blueberry and the palate has dark cherries and chocolate with silky smooth tannins. It is a wonderfully comforting wine, even in a plastic cup. The movie however does not rate as well. It is the movie love child of Saving Private Ryan and Inglorious Bastards if the parents were brother and sister and the child was fed diluted Nestle milk formula until the age of fifteen. Shocking film, comforting wine.
Cheers! Watching Fury in Style