When Phil's away, we play.
Ahh Phil, off on another sales trip interstate, so the rest of the team thought we might open up a 20yo Yarra Yering courtesy of Mark Bracken’s cellar (thanks Markie). We thought maybe we’d taunt Phil a bit, while he was on the road, enjoying chicken dinners and polyester bedspreads. So we sent him off this photo of us drinking a spot of Yarra Yering and munching of a few lovely cheeses (thanks Ali). The wine looked good, if a bit tired, still great acidity and pleasing sweetness of fruit. It had lost a bit of its high strung fruit and settled into its dotage though. Still bloody good for an Aussie Pinot well past being old enough to drink itself without having to show ID. Anyways. We told Phil it was the best Pinot we’d seen in years, and sent him this photo. Ahh, Fridays in the office, can’t beat em!
It's fun when Phil goes away It's fun when Phil goes away