Curiouser & Curiouser
I love people who jump in and then find out how cold the water is, people who listen to that obscure concept album from an unknown Swedish black metal act before judging it. And I really love people who put their faith in a wine tasting where there is very little Shiraz and no Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Riesling within cooee! In Europe this would have been a wine tasting, here in Adelaide it was a showcase of the less known! And as the many people who rocked into the National Wine Centre on Saturday came with eager faces it was clear that people are ready or at the least interested in something new. With help from some friends at Lino Ramble, 919 Wines, Chalk Hill, Coriole and Geoff Hardy we drew up a set list that included Dolcetto, Teroledgo, Petit Manseng, GSM’s and Rousanne Marsanne Viognier amongst others. For good measure the guys at Chalk hill (in between trying to stitch up Andy from Lino with a very very peppery - literally - glass of wine!) were kind enough to showcase their Alpha Crucis Wine Makers Series featuring 6 different winemakers’ interpretations of their Heritage vineyards Shiraz grapes.
Tom Tom from Para Creek and Darryl trying to determine who is better at folding arms
With a quality set of wines it was hard to gain a real idea of which was peoples favourites, from Geoff Hardy’s lush Soft Dolcetto to seeing the curious look turn to a pleasing smile as people discovered 919’s Petit Manseng it was pleasing to find that not one wine shone brighter than the others. Rather the room found many new favourites and new favourite wineries to look out for along the way. As the afternoon wore on and the chat of which wine was preferred to which carried on one of the highlights for me was to see so many people enjoying good booze with good friends, some old and a lot new. It really reminded me why I like what I do and it’s simple when you have the right ingredients, there’s nothing better than breaking bread and sharing some vino over the odd tall tale - I’m lucky enough to do this most days! Never underestimate the glorious thirst for knowledge and the want to try something new is what I say! So a big thanks to all those who jumped in on Saturday the 10th and a big thanks to all those who helped bring it together see you all soon. Maybe the days ahead are looking a little Grenache laden?
Lino Lino Ramble's exquisite Ludo - Rousanne Marsanne Viognier