A man on a mission... of the Champagne kind...
We packed Matt up and bundled him off to Prowein in Dusseldorf and a few Champagne houses in France on a mission to find us some seriously high quality Champagne. There’s plenty of good stuff available from the bigger brands in Australia but we wanted some of the good and great stuff from the smaller, boutique Champagne producers to offer you. Prowein is the biggest and best organised wine event in the world, with 50 countries showing their wares and over 50,000 trade visitors from around the world coming to swirl, sniff and spit their way through 17 halls of magical, miraculous and mysterious refreshments.
Prowein 2015 Where to begin?
Matt spent 4 solid days in meetings with various Champagne houses and then headed off to Champagne itself for more meetings.
Je reprends la route Je reprends la route
Fortunately, he also organised to send back samples of the best of his discoveries to the rest of us. We then had the arduous task of choosing a final 2 producers from whom to import. Unusually for us indoors @ the Tasting Bench, there weren’t any real arguments. In spite of tasting heaps of very good through to superb Champagnes, 2 clear choices emerged when it came to deciding what to import.
Tasting Champers How do you like my Champagne breath?
The first lot of Champers is now on the water heading direct to us. In the interim, it has picked up an absolutely glowing accolade from a world renowned champagne expert. The second producers’ lovely bubbles will likewise be on their way to us very soon.