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You Say Gris, I Say Grigio

Gris VS Grigio Gris is French for Grey, Grigio is Italian for …. wait for it, grey! Pinot Gris or Grigio, if you prefer, hails from Burgundy in France, a region much better known for producing eye wateringly expensive Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. From Burgundy, it buggered off to all corners of the globe, and never really came home. There’s not much grown in Burgundy these days, but it might surprise you to know that, whilst uncommon, it is one of the 7 allowed grape varietals in Champagne production, and at least one producer has made a Champagne entirely from Pinot Gris. Its spiritual homes are arguably in Alsace, France, as ‘Pinot Gris’ and Northern Italy, where it goes by the name Pinot Grigio. You’ll find it in Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia, and some in the Veneto, a bit further south. Alsace makes the Gris style- which is ripe and textural and can have some residual sugar. The best of these are world class, textural wines offering nectarine. honey, richness, salinity and some kind of other worldly, umami style magic. They work brilliantly with foods high in umami… Northern Italy makes an altogether crisper style, with high acidity, green apple, minerality and crispness. These go well with sushi and sashimi, a pear, rocket and walnut salad, and fried gyoza… it works with more than that, but you get the idea. PG is beloved elsewhere too, as Grauburgunder in Germany, in NZ and Australia. Early on Aussie Pinot G naming conventions didn’t follow the logic set out by the styles of Alsace and Italy, so you could pour an Aussie grigio, only to find that it was weighty, pendulous and sense enveloping… alternately, an Aussie gris which was rather sharper and less overtly ripe. So… here a pack with 3 Aussie Gris, which are riper, more complex examples All 3 are terrific.
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You Say Gris, I Say Grigio
You Say Gris, I Say Grigio

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    You Say Gris, I Say Grigio
    Wines In This Pack
    Adelaide Hills, SA
    93pts Ken Gargett, 94pts Tony Love
    A truly excellent and complex Pinot Gris. Packed with fresh pears and green apple, struck match, salinity, spice and florals. The texture here is superb, the length excellent.
    Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley, SA
    93pts Sam Kim, 92pts Kim Brebach
    Andrew Miller is a Champagne nutter who decided to become a winemaker. After graduating from Roseworthy college, he did a vintage in Champagne with Cote de Blancs producer Guy Jacopin and in spite of no shared language learned much about the art of winemaking and specifically blending. This Artis wines pay homage to Mr. Jacopin. This exceptional Pinot Gris is both textural, with lively superb acidity and citrus emerging from the inclusion of 9% Clare Riesling, complexing the pear laden, Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris. Soft, round, citrussy and delicious.
    Limestone Coast, SA
    A lovely low acid, textural PG. Perfect with a plate of Carbonara or Fish n Chips, this offers baked apples, ginger, custard and pears. A perfect ‘first glass’ of the evening, but even better with the aforementioned dishes. Would also work at the end of the evening with an aged Comté cheese.


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