Wirra Wirra

Region: McLaren Vale
Proprieter: Roger Trott
Established: 1969
McMurtrie Road
McLaren Vale
South Australia, 5171

Wirra Wirra has a deserved reputation for great wine and large-scale lunacy. Flying watermelons, giant bells, heroically-proportioned gates.... Their cellar door is an absolute must see for visitors to the Vale. And yes, that is a functioning trebuchet, so ignore the "catapult" description on the web page and refine your knowledge of medieval siege devices.

(And we would never be so persnickety as to point out that the name of the wirrawirra.com web page showing said device is "cataPLUT". Then again, the sound of this device hurling a bottle wine to it's liquid demise may be, phonetically, just that?)

Rescued from utter decrepitude in 1969 by Greg and Roger Trott, the winery actually originated in 1894. It was successful under the stewardship of its cricket-playing first owner until his death in 1925. Which, as Dan will observe, proves that cricket and consumption are inexorably linked, and cannot exist in the absence of the other.

Beloved by most and reviled by the dull-minded, Wirra Wirra is in all ways resolutely itself. This cannot be denied. Drink up and have fun, say we.

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