Conte di Campiano
Single Italian star becomes a compelling trilogy. Matt stumbled across Conte di Campiano during his visit to Prowein last year and found their amazing Susumaniello - a wonderfully decadent, full bodied, plush and complex red wine made from one of the world’s rarest varieties – Susumaniello. The word itself comes from Susu meaning “Go” and Maniello, meaning “Donkey” perhaps because in their youth, Susumaniello vines produce massive yields. As the vines age the yield reduced dramatically, increasing the concentration and depth of flavour in the finished wines. The Susumaniello is a big, black wine, bordering on massive. The nose offers a tremendously complex blend of blueberries, flowers, chocolate, spice, dried herbs and cedar and woodsmoke. These can also be tasted along with sour cherries, blackberries and darker stuff. It is voluptuously textured and deep. It struts the line beautifully between fresh zippy fruit and aching decadence. Italian Wine Feature This year we’ve added two superb stablemates for the dangerously drinkable ‘Donkey’. Primitivo Di Manduria 2015 - This Primitivo is a very well-structured wine, deserving of a solid protein match. As a variety it is genetically similar to zinfandel, with blue fruits plums, cherries, oregano, liquorice and spice. The length is excellent and it opens up after opening, so consider decanting or taking your time with it. The Squinzano Riserva 2013 is made from 100% Negroamaro. On opening, this is a closed but clearly very powerful wine, as it opens, citrus, pepper and Christmas spices emerge along with dark fruits and savoury complexities. This is a big wine that gets better the longer it is open. Again worth hooking this one up with some protein.