Mr. Riggs

Region: McLaren Vale
Proprieter: Ben Riggs
Winemaker: Ben Riggs
Established: 2001
Ingleburne Main Road
McLaren Vale
South Australia, 5171

In case you haven't noticed, Mr. Riggs is prolific in winemaking like the Pacific Ocean is kinda big and wet. It is an understatement to say he is a vital part of McLaren Vale wine. He's had decades of experience in the Vale, Victoria and overseas, so he knows a thing or two about making good wine, and this label is his solo act. His Shiraz, Tempranillo and Riesling have been garnering Gold and Silver for years, so get in or miss out, as the saying goes.

Ben Riggs sources fruit from a number of McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills vineyards. As a member of the Galvanised Wine Group, Ben's relationship with these growers and McLaren Vintners gives him a great portfolio of fruit to create with.