Lino Ramble
Childhood laughs, the wondrous joy of conquering the impossible when you’re 4 ft high and enjoying life the simple way seem to be the driving force behind two winemakers who do more for the art of friendship than the Milo and Otis movie.
More rock collaboration between David Bowie and well anyone, Andy Coppard and Angela Townsends Lino Ramble 2012 vintage was their debut and it’s definitely more Under Pressure than Kiss and Michael Bolton’s  1989  power-ballad Forever. At just over a year old, Lino Ramble encapsulates all that winemaking should be about - finding good fruit and turning it into beautiful wine with minimal fuss and minimal handling.  As with a number of their contemporaries, Andy and Angela have spent many a year working for someone else until the opportunity came by to take the leap of faith that is putting your money where your mouth is, and boy have they the mouth to back up the money. Currently on the greatest hits list for Lino is the Treadlie GSM and the Ludo RMV. Meet the Lino Ramble guys at’s Through the Tasting Glass - Curiouser & Curiouser tasting at the national wine centre on the 10th of May 2014. lino-ramble