Region: Clare Valley
Proprieter: Ben Jeanneret
Winemaker: Ben Jeanneret
Established: 1992
Box 61
South Australia, 5453

A family business founded in 1992, Jeanneret Wines has grown considerably in the last decade, yet retains a hand-crafted, natural approach to winemaking. Winemaker Ben Jeanneret lets nature guide the grapes, ensuring the wines maintain the character from where they originated.

Jeanneret's fully self-contained winery has an attractive outdoor tasting area and picnic facilities situated on the edge of a small lake surrounded by bushland.

And is it just wine you'll enjoy at the cellar door? Hardly, for the crew at the winery have apparently branched into Poetry!

"On the way to the Bentley"
"If we don’t Dilly Dally and stop for a Hummer, we can stay in Grace and Favour with the Big Fine Girl on the door. Stumbling down the Block we find a Curly Red called Denis. Unlike Cowboys and Indians, we get in Rank & File, seeing that the pub is a Doozie, with people buzzing like Mosquitos, we say to ourselves, let’s stop being Dickies, pretend to be Fancy Pants, and it’s all going to be Oakey Dokey."

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