Champagne Roger Brun
We are now importing FOUR Champagne Houses direct from the source in Champagne, France. Our newest producer is Roger Brun and we decided to bring in just two of his best Champagnes to begin with, his Réserve Grand Cru and Cuvée des Sires. Both offer a breathtaking intensity of flavour and complexity. The Brun family have been vignerons since prior to the French revolution. Noted Champagne expert and author, Michael Edwards included these two cuvées in the following description “Now on to the exceptional Roger Brun Cuvées that really count… the Réserve Grand Cru is made only from Ay grapes, four fifths Pinot Noir, the rest Chardonnay, with 50% reserve wine… a wine for fine cuisine. Finally, two truly great wines fermented in Oak [including] the Cuvée des Sires, a classic Ay 70/30 mix of Pinot and Chardonnay, has strength and finesse in equal measure, lemony aromas ceding to butter and toast…”   We are absolutely delighted to be importing Roger Brun Champagnes. Over the last four years we have met with and shortlisted over 200 different Champagne Houses at Prowein and in Champagne itself. The net result has been our importing from just four producers, Roger Brun, Bernard Remy, Le Mesnil and Bouché. Seven out of the 10 Champagnes we now import are from Grand Cru rated villages (in the top 6% of vineyards in Champagne). The price range begins at just $55 per bottle, remarkable value for money.   Given Champagne is a delicate beast and will spend well over a month in transit we spend a bit extra on the shipping, using only refrigerated containers or 'reefers' to bring the Champagne direct from the winery to our own warehouse. Relatively speaking, importing direct is quick and enables us to preserve quality and freshness.