Ben Jeanneret

Jeanneret Wines

The son of self-starter Denis, Ben Jeanneret sticks to a philosophy of very truth-in-the variety winemaking. As he states on his web site: "I am not too fussed if nature beats me and wild yeasts begin the ferments. I encourage minimal handling of the juice, allowing the ferments to progress in a slow and easy manner."

Ben uses no river water to irrigate his vineyards, and bravely lets that wild yeast talk in his wines, adding fragrant ripples to his Riesling. Picking up trophies as early as 1996, that Riesling speaks volumes about Ben's approach being right for the wine, and led to he and partner Carissa represent Jeanneret at the Young Winemakers Tasting, Toronto in 2003. One of only three labels selected to participate.

Recently, the 2008 Doozie Riesling picked up Gold at the London International Wine Challenge, proving Ben's approach is no passing fad. Just good fruit talking in the glass, as it should be.