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  1. Kaesler Wines

    Kaesler Wines

    The Kaesler family arrived in the Barossa Valley from Silesia in the 1840s and in 1891 purchased land in the Barossa, spending two years furiously planting. They planted 96 acres of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro, along with a few white varieties. Some of the original Shiraz vines are still producing grapes which provide great intensity and depth to many of Kaesler’s wines.
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  2. Rolf Binder

    Rolf Binder

    We are properly stoked to have the work of Rolf Binder wines back in the house! This time it’s not just Rolf Binder wines but also the wines he makes for JJ Hahn and Magpie Estate. We did stock JJ Hahn about 10 years ago and since that first batch ran out we’ve had requests for us to get it in again pretty much every other week. Here’s a little more on the winemakers.

    Character and passion are reflected in the range of wines produced by Rolf Binder and his sister Christa Deans. These siblings who grew up in a winery family make exceptional wines. Winemaking in the Binder family stems back to 1955 with the purchase by Rolf Heinrich Binder and his wife, Franziska of a business they renamed Veritas. The subsequent name change from Veritas to Rolf Binder occurred in 2005 to honour Rolf Snr.

    Rolf focuses on red winemaking, receiving international accolades. He worked his first vintage in 1978 for his parents. His formal education in oenology was completed

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  3. Mike Farmilo

    Mike Farmilo

    Mike Farmilo is a former maker of Penfolds Grange, St Henri and Bin 707 and twice winner of the Jimmy Watson Trophy. He has been making wine in McLaren Vale for over 30 years and is a legend of the industry...

    A truncated bio for Mike reads as follows:
    • Completed winemaking at Roseworthy in 1977
    • Seaview winemaker in the 80s
    • Worked for Angoves in the late 70s - including winning a trophy with a Riverland Riesling in 81
    • In the late 80s Mike became Group Red winemaker for Penfolds/Southcorp – responsible for all Penfolds red wines including Grange and St Henri, Lindeman’s wines, Seppelt’s, Wynns and Leo Buring
    • During his tenure with Penfolds/Southcorp Mike won at least one trophy at every capital city wine show every year and twice won the coveted Jimmy Watson trophy
    • In the midst of all this Mike has also completed vintages in Germany, California, France
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  4. Vintage of the Year 2017

    Vintage of the Year 2017

    2017 will be known as a very late vintage with an unusually long growing season delaying vintage by nearly a month. In the southern Adelaide Hills, many of us who had staved off disease and kept our canopies healthy chewed nervously on our fruit and glanced hopefully at our weekly analysis with itchy trigger fingers poised to get bird nets off and rip into harvest. A burst of warm weather in early April provided great relief to us and our neighbours as beaumes (sugars) strolled into the low to mid- teens. One last visit to our winemaker Phil Christiansen con rmed what we all suspected, a perfect balance of sugars and acids, fruit poised to make wine with amazing flavour without the usual belting of alcohol we’ve all become accustomed to... time to pick. Excited about the haul Enter the weather. With ‘substantial’
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  5. Paracombe Wines

    Paracombe Wines

    We went out to visit our mates Paul and Kathy at Paracombe Wines towards the end of last year and had a bit of a chat about how Paracombe started and what the 2015 vintage is looking like for them:
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  6. Stuart Bourne

    Stuart Bourne

    Despite family roots and vineyards in the Clare Valley Stuart has made his name as a top end winemaker in the Barossa. He's spent the last fifteen years squishing Barossa grapes and turning them into quality kit. His love for the region comes from it having "some of the oldest vines on the planet, the history of the area and its culture." We'd be loath to call him lazy but he attributes his success to doing as little as possible in the winery. Old fashioned techniques and equipment are employed with minimal new oak. Fruit is simply destemmed but not crushed. Much of his work is with the growers, making sure the fruit is as good as possible. In this sense he sees himself being as much a farmer as a winemaker. He loves the ancient building where he makes the wine and its living cultures. The indigenous yeasts and malo bugs perhaps reflective of their origins in Château Tanunda's brandy production back in the 1800s are uniquely hardy beasts. They can operate in conditions that would
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  7. Alpha Crucis Winemakers Series

    Alpha Crucis Winemakers Series

    To say the Alpha Crucis Winemakers Series is like a really stunning tribute album is doing the 6 chosen winemakers a massive injustice. It also belittles the respect and trust Alpha Crucis has in the said winemakers.
    Less a reinterpretation of Alpha Crucis wines as an experiment of an individual winemakers influence on a wines character and being. Indeed less tribute album and more like handing the same musical notes to Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder and David Bowie and seeing what music they all created. Starting with a small batch of Shiraz grapes from Chalk Hills Heritage Lot, Tom Harvey chose six winemakers to help bring his idea to life. Born only out of curiosity, the wines singularly are not intended to be judged, instead designed to be tasted for their range of characters and flavours born out of the creators varying influences. From here it was completely up to the six winemakers to determine how to produce their wine, from picking through
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  8. Elena Brooks

    Elena Brooks

    Dandelion, Sister’s Run, Heirloom Vineyards, Cien y Pico

    Elena originally hails from Lyaskovets, Bulgaria, a small town famous for its wine. She is a qualified winemaker, BSc (Oenology) Adelaide and has made wine for various Australian Wineries as well as being a consultant winemaker to a number of leading wine companies in Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.

    Born to a MIG Fighter Pilot and Helicopter Mechanic (both of whom happened to be involved in the wine industry in Lyaskovets), Elena's interest in winemaking stemmed from time spent translating for Australian Winemakers Stephen Bennet, David Norman, Dylan Rhymer, Kym Milne MW and others, who worked at her mother's winery between '93 and '98.

    With Stephen Bennet’s support and her family’s encouragement, Elena made the move to Australia and started studying winemaking at Adelaide University in 1998, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science (Oenology). (Elena’s mum was keen on this

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  9. Michael Schreurs

    Michael Schreurs

    The Lane Vineyard

    Michael Schreurs' scientific brilliance and disciplined focus on the health and purity of the wines is the perfect foil for John Edwards’ unbridled wine making ambitions at The Lane Vineyard. Michael’s approach to winemaking, utilising his extensive experience as winemaker at Henschke's and Seppelt's Great Western is non-interventionist and minimalist, a case of less is more.

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  10. John Edwards

    John Edwards

    The Lane Vineyard

    John Edwards is not a conventional winemaker...

    His insight and skills were acquired working alongside brilliant winemakers and eating and drinking the world’s finest during the Starvedog Lane era. Now, at The Lane Vineyard, John is passionate about having his own exceptional vineyard and winery. John says it affords him the opportunity of taking a long-term view.

    We are not afraid to take risks and we do whatever is vital to bring the beauty of The Lane Vineyard into every glass of our wine.

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  11. Tim Adams

    Tim Adams

    Tim Adams Wines, Mr Mick’s

    Tim Adams is widely acknowledged as a legend of the Australian wine industry. His career began in 1975 as a cellar hand for then noted Clare winery Stanley Wine Company. He worked his way up to Lab Assistant in 1976 and with encouragement from GM Mick Knappstein enrolled in Wine Science at Charles Sturt Uni graduating in 1981. By 1982, Tim was appointed winemaker under the guidance of Mick Knappstein.

    In 1984 Clare cooper Bill Wray suggested Tim partner him in a small run of wines and by 1986 the first wines under the Adams & Wray label were released. In 1988, Tim and partner Pam took ownership of the Adams & Wray winery and cellar door and Tim Adams Wines was in full swing. Tim left Stanley Wines by then but maintained a relationship with Mick Knappstein until Mr Mick passed away in 1997. Mick is now lionised in Tim and Pam’s other Clare winery Mr Mick which they began in 2011.

    Today, Tim's skills as a winemaker cover the

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  12. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown


    Following completion of the Wine Marketing course at Roseworthy Agricultural College, Mike commenced his career in the wine industry as a wine marketer. Thankfully, Mike decided to get his fingers dirty and In 1994 worked the vintage at Andrew Garrett Wines under the watchful eye of wine industry legend Warren Randall. It was working for Warren over the next three years where Mike decided that a career in Winemaking was his forte.

    In 1997 he moved to d'Arenberg to work with Chester Osborne and his experience at d'Arenberg impacted significantly on his winemaking direction. Whilst at d'Arenberg, Andrew, Mike's brother-in-law to be, approached Mike to make the first vintage of Gemtree Shiraz.

    In 1999 Mike undertook further study to complete his post-graduate diploma in oenology at University of Adelaide. At this time the winemaking of Gemtree was transferred to Kangarilla Road Winery where Mike was responsible for overseeing over 700

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