Some people get nervous sick or nervous shy but me, I get nervous tired. So as we arrived at the National Wine centre I was feeling unusually lethargic. All this changed when we reached the tasting room. Like the awkward teenager about to knock on the door for that first date I found myself equal parts excited and terrified. Not of the girls father this time but of the 24 white wines I had on the table in front of me. A small flight by many wine show standards but big enough to pop ones cherry on. With a big breathe I sat and thanks to the reassuring words from a couple of wiser heads I decided to jump in and get to the business.

Strolling my way through the whites starting with a cheeky Moscato and making my way through a few Pinot Grigos and finishing with a raft of Chardonnay via some Sauvignon Blanc in the middle. I started to relax and enjoy myself, as the process of wine judging became clearer to me I was able to visit the wines from a new point of view.

After recess

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