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  1. Phil's Naughty Chorizo

    Phil's Naughty Chorizo

    I love the name, it could be the bad guy in a poorly shot western movie but instead it's yet another recipe from yours truly that the Heart Foundation has tried to censor.

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  2. Hot climates hot cultivar: An introduction to Vermentino

    Hot climates hot cultivar: An introduction to Vermentino

    The hot vintages of the 2008 and 2009 growing season definitely put South Aussie vineyards through their paces, especially in the hotter regions. For many vignerons these record heat conditions punished vines, stalling flavour development while sugar levels raced ahead.

    While there have been plenty of good and even exceptional wines made, many of these wines carry the double albatross of excessive alcohol and dead fruit even after reverse osmosis. In hotter regions particularly, many traditional varietals suffered, with low yields, excessive baume and loss of varietal flavour being just some of the side effects. Varieties commonly found in the warmer parts of Europe fared much better in terms of vine health during the heatwave and fruit quality when picked. I wondered to what extent these extreme vintages would influence the planting of warm climate cultivars like Vermentino and if Vermentino has a viable mainstream future. You may well ask why I wondered, well I’m a big fan
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2 Item(s)

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