I was making a baked chicken dish and cracked a bottle of the Tyrrells Pokolbin Semillon 2008. The wine is six years old and it looks like it will go another sixteen. The lime on the nose and high acidity on the palate suggests you can put a six pack down for your unborn grand children. It was a little tight and green when it was first opened straight out of the fridge. However, the ten degrees of extra warmth opened up the wine and the palate became beautifully elegant with a long finish. The chicken fillet, sliced in half and filled with fontina, thinly sliced prosciutto and sage was phenomenally well matched with the semillon. Accompanying the chicken were oven baked organic potatoes coated in home grown sage, salt and pepper. Sometimes food and wine just works. It is good to know that I will be able to have the same baked chicken dish and 2008 Tyrrells Pokolbin Semillon for a few more years. Hunter Semillon. Respect it.
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