Marlborough, NZ

Generally regarded as the launch point for the modern NZ wine world, Marlborough is as stunning to see as it is hospitable for growing Sauvignon Blanc. Cool, sea-lashed nights and warm days create long ripening seasons, giving NZ savvy's a fresh, green and intense flavour with wonderfully balanced acid. Drink them young, and enjoy them with seafood.


While wine has been produced in this region for decades (yeah, we hate to think that the 70's were THAT long ago), the 1980's were the watermark for Marlborough. The Sauvignon Blanc's were gaining attention for being as good, if not better, than anywhere else. This was aided by a gradual decline in making the wine with a smokey, oaked style. Clean and crisp with limed acid became the fashion, and critics showered them with praise. By the late 90's, many were writing that Marlborough was the best spot on earth to grow Sauvignon Blanc.


Today, the demand and quality have made Marlborough the major region for NZ, with 79% of the countries production and hundreds of wineries in operation.