Heathcote, Vic

Often a well-kept secret amongst lovers of classic Australian Shiraz, Heathcote is hallowed ground for a group of smaller red wine producers. Ancient red soil dating back 500,000 million years seems to lend unique presence and depth to the flavour of reds made there. When James Parker scored Wild Duck Creek's Duck Muck at 99 in the late 90's, the word was out. Heathcote Shiraz was world-class in the right hands.


Other reds do very well here, and vines had been around as far back as the 1860's, but the emergance of boutique wineries in the 1960's is when the region really took shape, growing by small, clever steps throughout the 70's to today.


Now, Heathcote is reknowned, and the grapes sought after by a number of neighbouring wineries. Some larger producers now grow there as well.

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