Ali Kerr - Sales Consultant
I’m a wine lover. Pure and simple. A love which well and truly took off when I was living in the Clare Valley. After years of working in professional services I moved into the wine industry, combining my experience and focus on service delivery with my passion for wine. I have known the guys for around 20 years and they are responsible for me discovering many great wines at the right (or an even better) price – hence the long term relationship. For my money, Matt (’s Buyer) has one of the best wine palates around and a freaky encyclopaedic knowledge of wine, which made him my go-to wine guru. It was simple: when I needed (wanted?) wine; he recommended, I bought. Now, I work alongside Matt, and it seems I have found my vocation: assisting others to discover great quality and value for money wines.
Ali & Mark Pradun enjoying the Xmas do 2016

These are a few of my favourite things...

Favourite Food? Hard aged cheese
Wine Du Jour? Champagne and GSM
Preferred Music? Anything but country music...
And to Relax? Sleep