Simple Crab Linguine

Looking for a dish to impress but leave you with plenty time to enjoy the evening too? Look no further than this quick n simple crab linguine. Bursting with fresh crab, spice from the chili and citrus flavours it’s like there is a party in your mouth!!

Wine as we all know is LIFE and after a long day of working/toddlering dinner needs to be quick and the wine needs to be cold! My pairing for this dish comes in the form of a cracking chardy from McLaren Vale. Serafino reserve 2018 chardy has flavours of pear, honey & lemon. As the wine opens up it evolves and gets better with a little oak on the front palate and soft delicate vanilla on the back. Wine and food work hand in hand as neither one overpowers the other. Spice girls 2 become 1 comes into mind here!! Bonus points – you only need 1 hand for the pasta so guess where the other can be. The wine of course!!

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