Scottish Lamb Stew

This stew is packed with earthy flavours, filled with mushrooms, turnips and carrots. Tomato Paste helps to add more body and those delicious herby dumplings on top make it a complete dish. Hungry yet?

The all-important wine pairing! This Scottish Lamb Stew requires something big, bold and hearty. Believe me when I say Scotland is cold, it's BLOODY cold!! The Monterra Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon maybe big and bold, but it's also super smooth. There are plenty of fine tannins that make it great for drinking now but much like the cooking of this stew patience helps! My suggestion is to crack a bottle at the stage when you are covering the stew and cooking for 1.5 hours. It will have opened up beautifully and leave you with flavours of rich berry fruit, a little smoky/cigar, pepper, a little oakiness and olive. Grab yourself half a dozen now and TRUST me - you won't be disappointed!

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