Satay Chicken Sandwich

If you haven't got a beer in your hand or you're more of a wine fan like myself, then it's gotta be white with this bad boy. A lot going on in the sandwich so let's choose something that doesn't wanna play the staring role but will leave you talking about the role it played for a long time afterward! Today, that comes in the form of the beautiful Riposte 'The Stiletto' Pinot Gris from I love the 'stiletto' term used for this wine because it does EXACTLY what a stiletto does with the chicken satay sandwich, as it does for many a leg!! It's gonna lift it, elevate it and leave you wanting more. 

The wine is one that's made to be drunk young so for this 2019 I would be drinking them over by 2021 - but that's a personal preference so you can decide to store some away and enjoy. Pinot Gris to me is the more mature, more rounded cousin of Pinot Grigio. It's got a good bit of body and lingering flavours that you don't feel like you are sculling alcoholic water! The Riposte gives me plenty of crisp minerality, beautiful pear notes on both nose and palate, and some delicious lemon flavours too. The acidity really helps to balance the wine and satay sandwich together and I was left struggling with one in each hand as I wanted to put neither down!


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