Phil's Naughty Chorizo
I love the name, it could be the bad guy in a poorly shot western movie but instead it’s yet another recipe from yours truly that the Heart Foundation has tried to censor. Really good chorizo is a food group in its own right (as I see it), so how can you make them taste better? Inspired by a recent dining experience at a tapas bar in Sydney, I went back to my kitchen and had a crack. Here’s what I came up with... Take two chorizo and remove the skin, cut into chunks start frying on medium heat on a non-stick pan. Grab three cloves of garlic, bash with the flat part of your knife and throw in the pan, skin on. As the fat in the chorizo starts to melt onto the pan drizzle honey over the top (2-3 teaspoons) and continue cooking. When the juice starts to stick to the pan de-glaze with sherry or spice vinegar and put in a bowl to serve. Wash this down with a glass or three of 2014 Chalk Hill Vermentino, the lifted tropical fruit and cutting acidity of this wine is the perfect match for this very naughty yet satisfying snack... naughty-chorizo