Pad Thai
Classic Thai noodles, with option to sizzle your tongue with a dose of habanero chilli. Not for the meek!


24 large king prawns 150ml fresh tomato sauce 600g chicken strips 15ml tamarind concentrate 300g julienne onion 30ml ABC soy 180g bean sprouts 40g castor sugar 3 bunches pak choy 3 cloves garlic 300ml pad thai sauce 1 dried chilli 60g preserved turnip 40ml oyster sauce 3 each haberno chilli (optional) 30ml fish sauce 2pkt rice stick noodles (soaked in warm water till soft) 5ml sesame oil 120g roasted crushed peanuts pinch paprika 60g fried shallots


1. Heat oil in wok until smoking 2. Add prawns & chicken. Fry for 30seconds. Add onion. 3. Strain oil & return prawns, chicken & onion to wok. 4. Add sliced haberno chilli, pad thai sauce, caramelised onion and preserved turnips. 5. Add noodles & cook till coated in sauce. 6. Add pak choy & bean sprouts. 7. Serve on cos lettuce & sprinkle with roasted peanuts and fried shallots. pad-thai-300x198 Recipe provided by: